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A driver agnostic Micro-ORM for .NET Core
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A driver agnostic Micro-ORM for .NET Core

Why creating this Micro-ORM and publishing it to Github ?

Because I like creating my own libraries, and anyway I was creating this so why not making it public ? There's no sensitive data, and it can help many peoples :)

Who are you ?

My name is Axel "Elanis" Soupé, I'm a French developer, and this is my company's repository. You can find more info on Dysnomia on its official website:

How can I use your project ?

This project is licenced under MIT License, that mean you can use it in any way, anywere, you just have to keep all the copyright notices.

There is also NuGet package available at:

Can I contribute to your project ?

Of course yes ! Create issues if you have needs or problems, but the best help is to make pull requests :)

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