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Windows Icons

This Modern UI Icons project was started back in October 2011 with the goal of allowing developers a single solution for icons. Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 the pack has grown very rapidly with hundreds of suggestions through Twitter.

My goal of moving the icons to github is to get more community involvement. I also really want to cover the icon needs for Windows 8 developers.

Thank you all so much for all the support and suggestions. If you found these useful feel free to donate me a beer.


Windows Phone preview

Currently there are hundreds of 48x48 icons provided in this pack. If you are using the icons anywhere other than the application bar .xaml vector files are provided. Be sure to only use the white (aka dark) icons for the appbar.


Coming Soon

Expression Design

All of these icons were created in Expression Design.

Expression Design 4 June Preview (recommended) - Microsoft is being very slow on the releases, so they call them "previews".

Expression Design 4 (antiquated)


Creating an Icon


Please send icon requests to Austin Andrews (@templarian) on Twitter or create a new issue.