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Curated list of awesome open source healthcare software, libraries, tools and resources.
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Awesome Health Awesome

Curated list of awesome open source healthcare software, libraries, tools and resources. Each link has been vetted to ensure the project is active and provides value to healthcare facilities, providers, developers, policy experts, and/or research scientists.



  • Bahmni - Hospital system.
  • Cottage Med - Electronic Medical Record software designed by physicians.
  • EHRServers - The openEHR clinical data repository.
  • GNU Health - Electronic Medical Record, Hospital Management, and Health Information System.
  • GNUmed - Electronic Medical Record software.
  • EHRServer - Generic, minimal, standards-based, service-oriented, openEHR clinical data storage.
  • FreeHealth EHR - Electronic Health Record software.
  • FreeMedForms EMR - Electronic Medical Record software.
  • HospitalRun - HospitalRun is built to provide the most modern Hospital Information System possible to the least resourced environments.
  • Hospital OS - Thai Hospital Information System.
  • HOSxP - Thai Hospital Information System that aims to ease the healthcare workflow of health centers and central hospitals.
  • LibreHealth EHR - Clinically-focused Electronic Health Record System.
  • MedinTux - French Medical Practice Management System.
  • Odoo Medical - Universal Health and Hospital Information System.
  • OpenClinic - Medical Records System.
  • OpenEMR - Electronic Health Records and Medical Practice Management application.
  • OpenEyes - Electronic Medical Record application for ophthalmology.
  • Open Hospital - Electronic Medical Record software for underprivileged rural hospitals.
  • openMAXIMS - Full Patient Administration System designed for the NHS.
  • OpenMRS - Enterprise Electronic Medical Record System platform.
  • OSCAR EMR - Electronic Medical Record software.
  • Ripple - NHS funded community led initiative towards an integrated Digital Care Record Platform.
  • VistA - Health Information Technology System.



  • OpenEP - Suite of medicines management apps that improve the safety and efficiency of prescribing and medicines management.


  • open-eObs - Observation and clinical assessment platform that offers a real-time view of all patients across a ward.


  • 3D Slicer - Cross-platform application for analyzing, visualizing and understanding medical image data.
  • Cornerstome - An open source project with a goal to deliver a complete web based medical imaging platform.
  • dcm4che - Clinical Image and Object Management.
  • Drishti - Tomography and electron-microscopy data visualizer aimed for scientists and lay people.
  • Endrov - Image and data viewer software aimed for complex spatio-temporal image data, mainly obtained from microscopes in biological research.
  • GIMIAS - Extensible image computing and simulation software with an emphasis on specific workflows.
  • Horos - Medical image viewer.
  • InVesalius - 3 dimensional image reconstructor from 2 dimensional samples.
  • ITK - Toolkit used for the development of image segmentation and image registration programs with leading-edge algorithms in 2 and 3 dimensions.
  • ITK-SNAP - Interactive software for 3 dimensional image navigation, annotation, and automatic segmentation with an emphasis on user-friendliness.
  • LibreHealth Radiology - Customized version of LibreHealth Toolkit with additional tools for radiology and imaging professionals.
  • OpenREM - Radiation Exposure Monitoring for physicists.
  • Orthanc - Lightweight DICOM server for healthcare and medical research.
  • Papaya - Pure JavaScript medical research image viewer.
  • VTK - 3 dimensional visualization toolkit supporting a variety of algorithms and modeling techniques.



  • Bika - LIMS.
  • OpenELIS - Laboratory Information System for Global Health.


  • API Server - FHIR Server to support patient and clinician-facing apps.
  • C3-PRO-Server - Highly reliable and scalable FHIR compliant web server.
  • CareKit - CareKit is an open source software framework for creating apps that help people better understand and manage their health.
  • Clinical Meteor project - Meteor for FDA, HIPPA, and HL7 compliant applications.
  • FHIRBase - Storage based on the FHIR Standard.
  • Intervention Engine FHIR Server - Generic FHIR server implementation in GoLang.
  • Opal - Framework for building clinical applications.
  • ResearchKit - Software framework that makes it easy to create apps for medical research or for other research projects.
  • Spark - FHIR server.
  • Swift-SMART - Swift SMART on FHIR framework for iOS and OS X.


  • FHIR .NET API - The official .NET API for HL7 FHIR.
  • fhir.js - JavaScript client for FHIR.
  • HAPI FHIR - Java API for HL7 FHIR Clients and Servers.
  • Health data standards - Ruby library for generating and consuming various healthcare related formats. These include HITSP C32, QRDA Category I, and QRDA Category III.
  • MITK - The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit.
  • Node HL7 - Node module that is bridged with the Java Hapi HL7 library.
  • Python HL7 - Simple library for parsing messages of HL7 version 2.x into Python objects.
  • Ruby FHIR - FHIR client implementation in Ruby.
  • Ruby HL7 - Ruby HL7 library.



  • Tidepool - Data platform to reduce the burden of Type 1 Diabetes.



  • Mirth Connect - Cross-platform interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages between systems and applications.
  • OpenHIM - Health information mediator.


  • echOpen - Low-cost (affordable) echo-stethoscope.
  • Gluco - Glucometer.
  • MobilECG II - Clinical grade Holter ECG.
  • Murgen - Ultrasound imaging development kit.
  • OpenAPS - The Open Artificial Pancreas System project is an open and transparent effort to make safe and effective basic Artificial Pancreas System.


  • ADAM - Genomics analysis platform.
  • Bcbio - Validated, scalable, community developed variant calling, RNA-seq and small RNA analysis.
  • Galaxy - Open web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research.
  • Wregex - Amino acid motif searching software with optional Position-Specific Scoring Matrix.


  • Caisis - Oncology research software with a Patient Data Management System.
  • Cedar - Open source tool for testing the strength of Electronic Clinical Quality Measure
  • cTAKES - Natural Language Processing System for extraction of information from Electronic Medical Record clinical free-text.
  • DHIS - District Health Management Information System and data warehouse.
  • HRHIS - Health Information System for management of human resources for health.
  • Synthea Patient Generator - Synthetic patient generator that models the medical history of synthetic patients.



Machine learning

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