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👀 Drishti | An Open mHealth sense-plan-act framework based on FHIR!

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👀 Drishti | An mHealth sense-plan-act framework on FHIR!


Drishti is a conceptual extension of the open mHealth model to behaviour intervention technology adopting the sense-plan-act paradigm from robotics. 👀 Drishti is also a reference implementation with the following components:

  • Drishti-sense is open mhealth shimmer that interfaces with various mobile frameworks and provides a uniform API.
  • Drishti-plan is a python flask API that provides a (FHIR) careplan based on aggregate data using AI.
  • Drishti-act is a SMART-ON-FHIR application in Vue.js that can deliver the careplan to the mobile device as alerts and messages
  • Drishti-cog is the central hub and repository, integrating various services using FHIR as the interface standard.
  • Drishti-EMR (openmrs-module-drishti) is an OpenMRS module that provide the user interface for clinicians.
  • Drishti-PHR (openmrs-owa-drishti) is an OpenMRS OWA that provide the user interface for patients, including authorizing access to their cloud services.


Made in AutoDraw as AI drawing experiment!


  • Drishti is not ready for use. The following instructions are only for those who want to contribute/join the project.

  • Rename resource-server-example.env to resource-server.env and add credentials

docker-compose -f docker-compose-prebuilt.yml up


  • Drishti Uses Vue for frontend development. (Not Angular 1.x as in the OMH ecosystem)
  • Drishti uses FHIR as the data model for data exchange and persistence. (Not the OMH format)
  • Drishti relies on hGraph for data visualization.

How to Use

  • OpenMRS at /openmrs (of dockerhost)
  • Drishti-cog at /
  • Pull requests welcome to all sub-repositories.


How to cite

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