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🚼 vac-chain

Just a POC, nothing more!


There are discrete pieces of health information that, if stored on-chain may have a huge impact on operational efficiency, availability and patient safety. Vaccination and allergy information are typical examples. vac-chain is a prototype of an on-chain storage of vaccination information on Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts in solidity using the truffle Drizzle box (React/Redux). This may be extended for similar use cases in medicine.


  • check out this repo and npm install in the main folder
  • npm run ganache
  • Open a second terminal and
truffle compile
truffle migrate
  • switch to app folder cd app
  • npm install
  • npm start
  • Access application at localhost:3000


  • Provider adds a record
  • Patient confirms
  • Clients can verify - if code matches hcn, returns name as status
  • Please note that, for the status to work, all three roles should have different active accounts. So run ganache on a different machine and add the IP to drizzleOptions.js and truffle-config.js. Finally, run the /app on three different systems for each role.


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