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2012 - CS308 Group 7 : DRAWOID - Android Touch Controlled Bot README
Group Info:
+ Gaurav Choudhary (09005026)
+ Ashish Tajane (09005027)
+ Shikhar Paliwal (09005029)
+ Rishabh Singhal (09005005)
Project Description
The drawoid - android controlled robot, is controlled remotely using the Bluetooth wireless interface. The user is giving the input by drawing shapes that are recognized and captured by android device. The shapes captured by android device are translated to a particular command or a sequence of commands using android API and to signals using android platform on java (Android SDK). The drawoid may move using the variable speeds on each motor allowing speed modulation and hence draw curve shaped paths. It can also lift the pen (drawing device) up while moving so it can draw non continuous shapes also.
Technologies Used
+ Embedded C
+ Android
+ Bluetooth
Installation Instructions
+ Eclipse :
download link :
installation instructions :
+ Android SDK :
+ Android Eclipse Plugin (ADT) :
+ Android Developers Guide -
+ BlueLINK User Manual -
+ Servo Motor Reference -
Github Repository
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