Open repo of Communify. Contains bugs, ideas, future features, and even marketing strategies! And maybe some code
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This is the open repo of Communify. Contains bugs, ideas, future features, and even marketing strategies! And maybe some code.

More info about Communify here

You can also explore our GraphQL Endpoint! This can explain a lot about the possibilities. is the endpoint.

Feel free to create an issue (that is, idea, bug, feature request, marketing idea or what ever!)


The goal of Communify is to Create stronger community and stimulate collaboration within any coworking space, company or association.


I - September 2016 until February 2018: Secrecy

Description: I thought, decided, committed, learned, and built a few other things to become more confident.

II - March + April 2018. Opening up**

Description: In this phase, nobody has access yet, but the app was being developed and I talked regularly to others about the app and got their feedback.

III - May until October 2018: Break

Description: I had some time in which I was incapable of working on Communify and I had some time in which I didn’t want to and did other things.

IV - November 2018 until deep 2019+: Alpha phase

Description: Full access on a minimum product. Make no money. Find PMF (Change things based on feedback and decide direction and priorities). Make project stable & ready for hyper growth.

See issues for more roadmap of 2019

VI: Beta Phase: Minimum Viable Profitable Product

Period: 2019-2020 Scale: one server, max ±1000 online users Description: In this period, the app will be in stores, open to be downloaded, and make some form of income.


  • Find people that you want to meet more easily. For example, I could be looking for RN or Fullstack Devs and this app makes it easy to get an overview of the people in every coworking space.
  • Never eat alone. Meaningful lunch meetings daily
  • Orient on User Value and individual choice of participation; app functions even when coworking space doesn’t sign up, this makes it super scalable.
  • Minimize effort of cowork space itself
  • Value is: getting to know the right people in the space faster
  • Secret weapon: being more ‘natural’ than Facebook groups. People that are active & provide value to the community get more rights & can earn money.
  • Creating strong communities of 100-300 people
  • Focus on stimulating deep connections between community-members


  • Collaboration and real interactions
  • Help spaces to attract their people
  • Be valuable for any fluid community size, but reward growth with extra functionality, rewards and achievement presentation (implement all proper whitehat gamification strategies)