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React Native Super Image

React Native Super Image: Image component with Super Powers!

  • Animation loading
  • Downloading and caching image in the background
  • Showing default background color before loading
  • Option to resize to 100% height or width, keeping image ratio


yarn add react-native-super-image


import RNSuperImage from "react-native-super-image";
import expo from "expo";
const SuperImage = props => RNSuperImage({ ...props, expo });


  • expo (required): The expo class
  • animated (optional): boolean. if set to true, the image fades in for 100ms once it's loaded
  • source (required): see react native image
  • style (optional): see react native image
  • width (optional): number or "auto". overwrites style-width. If set to auto, it calculates the width based on height and image ratio
  • heigh (optional)t: number or "auto". overwrites style-height. If set to auto, it calculates the height based on width and image ratio


Contact me or submit an issue if you have ideas or want to collaborate / contribute