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This is the github repo for the EBI-RDF platform.
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VoID file structure for the RDF platform.pdf

EBI-rdf platform

This is the github repo for the EBI-RDF platform. The master branch shall contain useful information and tooling, while the other branches are used by different datasources to publish their VoID files! So basically other branches contain only two files, a (sourcename) void file and a test_void file. The test_void file simply only points to a partition of the data for test purposes. So the only real thing a dataprovide should care about is real, actual void file - this is the one you overwrite when you update your data!


Find this folder in here for too useful scripts how to create and publish your VoID file!

VoID File:

Find the pdf document in this folder (with the incredible name "VoID file structure for the RDF platform.pdf") - it is descriping how the VoID has to be structured in order to be compatible with our minimum standards.

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