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Themis Hardfork
The purpose of this hardfork is to sanitize the reward system.

The hardfork will take effect from block 870,000


Coinstake will be reduced to 5 ECOC
New max cap is 300 million ECOC
Each epoch changes every 1 million blocks (approximately one year)
Each epoch the coinstake will be reduced by 1 ECOC until it reaches 1 ECOC. So each epochs coinstake will be 5-4-3-2-1 ECOC
After that point the coinstake will be stable at 1 ECOC until it reaches the cap (300 million ECOC)
Last rewarl block is 47,870,000. After that point the only reward for stakers will be the transaction fees.
Multisigners are reduced to 5. The basic reason about this is to reduce the future chaindata size.
Upgrade instructions
Nothing special is needed. The steps are taking backup of the wallet, download the binaries and execute the. In case of compiling from source code the process is the same as the previous versions.

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  • Fake stake mitigation threat
  • Update assumevalid to block 600000 #afcacbe83c15d1c76f6e0d08eaf8cd0d4824f97c438d14857f54e8829c6bb21a
  • Update nMinimum chain work to 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001ff7968db49a7d07084
  • Fix reindex bug
  • Chinese version GUI bug fix for opening files
  • Fix multi languages
  • Change currency name to ECOC
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