Giving Pan Gesture to Under Left/Right Controllers #79

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I need to have nested sliding views (underLeft for underLeft). So i used ECSlidingViewController itself as underLetfController and working fine. But the problem is, I cant give pan gesture to underControllers.
I want to swipe to see the underLeftController(TopController for underLeft of main ECSlidingViewController). But cant implement it.


I have the same issue. Namely:

when I try to add gestureRecognizer with [self addGestureRecognizer:self.slidingViewController.panGesture] I got this:

frame #1: 0x34ed4c6c CoreFoundation`-[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:] + 776
frame #2: 0x3384447e UIKit`-[UIView(UIViewGestures) addGestureRecognizer:] + 178

A big thrown exception because of that the self.slidingViewController.panGesture is null.

What am I missing?


Found solution myself.
In this case, self.slidingViewController in underViewControllers represents its own view controller and if we need to give pan gesture, we really need to give it to upper Controller. So self.slideViewController.slideViewController addGestureRecognizer done it for me...


Check your slidingViewController in the debugger and make sure it is not nil by the time you get to adding the gesture recognizer. If it is, your slidingViewController is not properly defined and initialized.

ECSlidingViewController member

ECSlidingViewController wasn't meant to be used this way, but I guess it should work in theory. Anyways, looks like you figured it out.

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