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having the first view be managed by a navigation controller #81

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I have addressed this issue to the team that made this control:
"I am currently using your ECSlidingViewController in my app.
I am wondering how can I add a NavigationController to the first view as I have items in the first view that will receive touch input and navigate to some other view controller. I had tried to embed a NavigationController (Editor->Embed in->Navigation Controller) but the navigation bar is not shown in my first view controller
Can you help me with this? Is there something in the framework that prevents it from doing this?"

and I got a reply really fast:
"You can use any UIViewController ancestor for any of the 3 View Controllers that ECSlidingViewController controls. You may have to configure the ECSlidingViewController in code (typically via the AppDelegate after launch) to ensure the configuration is correct after launch. If you pull down the source there are some sample apps that use UINavigationController as the top and one of the under controllers. Those should be enough to get you going"

I haven't found any demos in the github repository but maybe I've overlooked. Any help would be much appreciate :)

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