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Provides a packaged collection of open source EDA tools
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EDAPack provides a simple way to install and manage EDA tools, along with a packaged collection of open source EDA tools. This project (edapack) provides the base software needed to install and manage other tool installations. Other projects under the EDAPack GitHub organization provide the specific tool builds.


Install the EDAPack base tools by downloading the latest release from GitHub. Extract the .tar.gz file.

Environment Setup

Source /etc/ to configure the environment. This adds the 'edapack' command to your path, and configures Environment Modules.

Installing Tools

Run 'edapack avail' to list the packages that are available to install. Run 'edapack install ' will download and install one of the packages shown by 'edapack avail'

Enable Tools

Configuring tools in the environment is done via the 'module' command. 'module avail' lists tools and tool versions that can be added to the environment. 'module load <tool/version>' enables a specific tool. The most-recent installed tool version can always be enabled by loading /latest. To load the latest version of Verilator, for example, 'module load verilator/latest'.

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