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@robbyxp1 robbyxp1 released this Mar 13, 2020 · 24 commits to master since this release

The voice pack has had minor updates to Please update.

  • Fixed USS Signal discovered message to say USS type better.

Major features

  • Intergalactic Astronomy Union support added - you can, via the commaders settings, enable sending Codex reports to this group for their research
  • System DB is multithreaded after update, which should help with using the 3dmap and responsiveness of the program
  • Surveyor can turn on/off values shown

Bug fixes

  • Safe mode restarts the program better - a few race conditions between the program closing/opening has been seen.
  • Fix error on leap year due to Frontiers strange choice of starting year (leap years don't match)
  • Remove EGO support as its dead as a dodo.
  • Improve fetching of stars for sectors in trilateration,
  • Clarify messages on system download from EDSM to make it clearer what has occurred.
  • Route panel had a right click bug on the header, fixed.

EDDiscovery .exe
SHA-256 98A4992B992AACC417F05B684B60D794281B1CDFB7C815C68AA1C6C4001AB929
SHA-256 847FDA18B3A851811EECA14452B333662692A235F6C7849824FFA424454A8B42


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