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Using Actions

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What are Actions and Action Programs and Packs?

The Action system adds the ability to run a small program when an event is received via the journal, or via a keypress, or due to a program event (startup, shutdown, popup etc).

The action language itself is described in this these google documents:

These programs can trigger program events themselves, say phrases to the windows text to speech engine, play a sound etc.

Using Actions makes it possible to make action packs. An action pack is a combination of the event triggers and the programs which support those triggers. Various action packs are in existance, the most common ones is the voice pack (adding voice output to EDD) and the keyboard pack (adding ctrl and F key presses to EDD).

Access to the actions system is via the Add-Ons menu (because these are optional add-ons to the system). The menu defines:

  • Manage Add-ons : Allows the user to install, remove or enable/disable the add on packs.

  • Edit Add-on Action Files : Allows creation of add-on packs. Also see Actions

  • Stop currently running Action program : Only use if a program with a loop continues and refuses to stop (unlikely).

Click on one of the above to see how to download and configure an action pack.

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