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Welcome to the EDSF wiki!

EDISON Community work area and discussions

This github project and wiki are created to enable wide community support and contribution to the future development of the EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) initially created in the EU funded EDISON project (2015-2017).

Project overview slide deck: EDISON Project value contribution and legacy

EDSF Release 3 documents (current) parts

Part 1 - Data Science Competence Framework (CF-DS)

Part 2 - Data Science Body of Knowledge (DS-BoK)

Part 3 - Data Science Model Curriculum (MC-DS)

Part 4 - Data Science Professional Profiles (DSPP)

EDSF is published under CC BY Open Source License: Free use for any purposes with correctly attributed origin and developers.

EDISON Initiative

EDISON initiative is a community initiative that involves developers and adopters of the EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) that has been developed by the EDISON project and widely adopted and recognised worldwide with the purpose to continue maintenance and further development of EDSF.

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) team, initial EDSF developer, will work as an interim coordinator and faciltator with the view to create the community delegated coordination group that will oversee wider EDSF development and implementation.

Participation in the EDISON/EDSF initiative and Open Source project is open to any party who can contribute with the framework development, implementation, promotion and sponsoring or funding.

The github project serves as a hub for all future activities on the EDSF development, call for contribution and search for new funding and/or sponsorship.

The content of the wiki will grow with the time and will integrate the EDISON project legacy including the old EDISON Project website and the DataSciencePro community portal

EDSF maintenance and development

The EDSF release 2 was published on 7 July 2017 as a final deliverable of the EDISON project. Since that time the EDSF has undergone validation and practical implementation in a number of organisations and education and training courses. Significant experience and multiple feedbacks have been collected.

New EDSF Release 3 was published on 31 December 2018 and can be referred to as "EDSF Release 3" or "EDSF2018". The EDSF Release 3 is available from the EDSF project root as current working version

Further development and Call for contribution

The EDSF Release 3 was discussed and comments and contributions reviewed during the EDSF Release 3 Design workshop that took place on 18-19 July 2018 at the University of Amsterdam (see workshop page for details).

The workshop has identified and recommended to create a new EDSF document on EDSF Use cases and Guidelines document. This document will be included as Part 5 in the EDSF Release 4 (2019).

EDSF community is called for contribution to the next EDSF Release 4 (2019). Deadline for contribution will be multi-stage with continuous integration:

30 September 2019 (first set of use cases, API specification) with target date for producing Part 5 first draft in November 2019

EDSF Release 4 Design workshop - 19 or 20 November 2019 (UvA, Amsterdam)

Target time for publication EDSF Release 4 – 15 December 2019

Submitting comments:

Mailing list -

Github wiki - EDISON Community work area and discussions -

Call for sponsorship

Sponsorship is solicited to support editorial group work and 1-2 face-to-face meetings in period of April - November 2019 (contact Yuri Demchenko Meetings can be combined with the EDSF training and Data Science skills and capacity building workshop at the sponsoring organisation location.

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