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R package for creating EML metadata.
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For scientists and data managers who need to easily create high quality EML metadata for data publication. EMLassemblyline is a metadata builder that emphasizes auto-extraction of metadata, appends value added content, and inputs user supplied information through common interfaces thereby minimizing user effort while maximizing metadata features for data discovery and reuse.


  • Requires no familiarity with EML metadata
  • Good for one-off data publication
  • Great for 10s to 100s of data publications
  • Accepts all data and file types
  • Automatically extracts metadata from data entities
  • Automatically appends value added content
  • Accepts user inputs through simple text and spreadsheet editors
  • Supports automated data publication
  • Supports complex reproducible science workflows
  • Interoperable with metadata storage systems via an exchange format
  • Incorporates community best practices
  • Based on simple file organization scheme
  • Is not tied to a specific data repository


# Install from GitHub


Check out example use cases in the EMLassemblyline website articles

Active projects

  • Creating a Shiny interface for editing metadata template files, thus eliminating requirements for text and spreadsheet editors while facilitating use of dictionaries, controlled vocabularies, and ontologies.
  • Developing an exchange format for environmental metadata so EMLassemblyline (and other metadata builders) can be used with any metadata storage/organization system (e.g. LTER-core-metabase).


We welcome contributions of all forms. Please reference our code conduct and contributing guidelines for details.


This project uses semantic versioning.


Several people have contributed to this project. List of contributors.

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