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Please dont install this, it's in a very early stage of developement!!

supertracker is an npm package for NodeJS, which came to life with the mission to ease tracking the traffic of your webservice. The Federation needs you!!

Local and global usage

The package can be used as a local, or a global package. The local install defines routes to track events on, and to view the apps usage statistics.

Local usage

The local package lets you define a route, on which the package features become accessible.

* Initialise the package, passing the app to it, and defining the route for 
* package features. Leaving it blank will make the features accessible on the 
* base route of the app.
st=require('supertracker')(app, "/tracking"); 

Global usage

The global install adds a command "supertracker" in your path. Running the command will fire up a server listening to tracking events, saving them into a database upon receiving.

$ supertracker



Receives ajax messages saving them to database


Monitoring and visualizing app usage.