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正在搭架子 作为公共分享资料
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English course 英语课/Level C/17-18秋经典英美诗歌翻译与鉴赏期末考题个人整理by刘韫辉 - Mar 3, 2019
Just some useful thing 其他资料
Liberal optional courses 通选课 - Mar 3, 2019
Politics course 政治课
Professional course 专业课 - Mar 3, 2019
public elective course 公选课/Python编程艺术
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Now you can freely get any material you like from this repository if posted.

If you wanna contribute new material to us, just make a merge request after signing in or contact to EECS Student Union!

If you wanna contribute some money XD, contact to us directly plz XD.

As long as you think this repository useful, that's why it is.

Before trying to merge, make sure your material is correct and without any problem of posting openly.

Best wishes to your GPA.


Copyright Notice



contributors up to now:

Liu Yunhui
Gao Biao
Tang Suyao
Zhou Qingyi
Huang Xinyi
Andy He
Wu Mingdong
Huang Xiaolong
Chen Zhibin
Yin Xunjian
	and so on


EECS Student Union


Academic Department of EECS Student Union
	Wu Mingdong
	Chen Zhibin
	Li Qiyu
	Qi Sheng
	Huang Xiaolong
	Zhang Zechen
	Yin Xunjian
	Zhu Yihang
	Zhang Wenwei
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