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An online repository of the TMSEEG toolbox (http://www.tmseeg.com)


TMSEEG is a Matlab App designed for streamlined processing of EEG data collected during TMS application. Processing steps are presented using a GUI format with modularity.


TMSEEG was built originally on MATLAB 2013a, with use of EEGLAB v12.0.2.6b. This updated version is re-packaged using MATLAB 2017b and EEGLAB v14.1.1b. This updated version requires MATLAB (2013a or later version) and EEGLAB v14.1.1b.


TMSEEG is packages as a MATLAB App for easy installation. For further

  • Ensure that the MATLAB signal processing toolkit has path priority


Visit the wiki page for links to sample data sets and the offical tutorial. A couple main things to keep in mind

  1. TMSEEG toolbox requires EEGLAB to be installed
  2. MATLAB is picky about paths. After download, pay attention to how the paths are set as indicated by the tutorial and documentation. If you receive an error that a file is missing it is probably because either the dependencies are not installed or because the paths are not set correctly
  3. You'll also need to download FastICA and have it on your path for the TMSEEG toolbox to work as is
  4. Once you've downloaded everything and have your paths set, open MATLAB to the folder containing TMSEEG and simply doubleclick the .mlappinstall file (tmseeg_v4.0.mlappinstall).