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Manifest is a simple module that enables the storage of Expression Engine configuration settings in the environment. This is a simple wrapper for the awesome PHP dotenv project by Vance Lucas.


  1. Download the Manifest module
  2. Unpack it and place the manifest folder in your third_party directory


Move the .env.example file to system/expressionengine/.env and customize the configuration values (and feel free to add more!)

You can now access these configuration values in any of the ExpressionEngine config files using the native php getenv($key) function or Manifest::get($key, $fallback_value). The latter option requires you to load the Manifest class into your config file as demonstrated in the included config.sample.php and database.sample.php files.


Included in this repository are example files for config.php and database.php which are using the values supplied in our example .env file.

You don't have to use them, but we thought they would be helpful guidelines and a viable quick start option if you like our config setup.


We're always open to suggestions and feedback in the issues but if you feel up to the task of creating a pull request for your changes that would be greatly appreciated!

Alternative Setup

We're fond of the procedures outlined above but if you're a purist and don't like loading the Manifest class into your config (and have no need for fallbacks) then this is the method for you!

Make sure System Hooks are enabled by going to your config/config.php file and updating the enable_hooks setting to be:

$config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE;

Insert the following code in your expressionengine/config/hooks.php file:

$hook['pre_system'] = array(
	'class'    => 'Manifest',
	'function' => 'load',
	'filename' => 'manifest.php',
	'filepath' => 'third_party/manifest',
	'params'   => array()

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