A cultural game with a purpose
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CGWAP - A Cultural Game With A Purpose

This question & answering game engages players with the tremendous collection of European cultural heritage objects in Europeana.

Players can pose questions that are answered by Europeana resources. When posing a question, the asking player needs to provide the correct answers as URLs to Europeana resources. Other players can then try to answer the question by searching via an interface to Europeana.

Live Demo

A live demo of the game is available at http://mics.fim.uni-passau.de/CGWAP/

Installation instructions:

CGWAP requires an instance of the Apache Tomcat Web Server with a Java Runtime Environment version 7 or higher and a PostgreSQL database (version 9.0).
The database connection settings and credentials can be specified in WEB-INF/config.properties.
Afterwards, the WAR file can be deployed as usual.

Rationale for game mechanics

The concept, ideas and rationale for the game mechanics and design choices are explained in more detail in "A Game with a Purpose to Access Europe's Cultural Treasure" [J. Schlötterer, C.Seifert, L. Wagner and M. Granitzer, GamifIR '15]