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E-Explorer - EEXCESS for Google Docs is a Google Docs add-on that provides recommendation when editing a Google Docs document.
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You can simply install this addon from the Google Add-On Store by either

You will need to be logged in with your Google Account to do this.

The add-on installation is tied to your Google Account, so it works in all your documents (when you are logged in).


  1. Open a Google Docs Document and login with your Google Account to install this add-on
  2. Open the script editor (Top Menu: Tools -> Script editor...)
  3. Create for each file in the repository a file in the script editor with the same name and content (File -> New -> ...)
  4. Save all created files and set the project's name.
  5. Go back to the Google Docs Document and refresh it
  6. Now the add-on should be available under your chosen project name

How this addon works

  1. Open a Google Docs Document and login with your Google Account to be able to use this add-on
  2. Activate the add-on (Top Menu: Add-ons -> E-Explorer -> Start)
  3. Select a piece of text or use the search bar to search for recommendations. After a short while the recommendations will be displayed in the sidebar.
  4. To submit multiple words as one keyword surround them with "

Source Code

The source code can be found (and edited) directly inside the browser. If you want to do this, you have to open the Script Editor (Top Menu: Tools -> Script Editor).

Texts for Docs add-on deployment

Post-install tip

Open the E-Explorer by going to Add-ons > E-Explorer > Start

Short description

This EEXCESS add-on enables searching for data from cultural and scientific databases without leaving the currently edited document.

Detailed description

The EEXCESS technologies serve as recommendation tools for your online activities. You, as a user, will get recommendations from cultural and scientific databases. EEXCESS tools integrate into your ongoing working process. You won´t have to leave the document you are currently editing.

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