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Forward and Back

This is a rails app built to make it easy for organizations with many users keep track of what they themselves are doing and what things their coworkers are up to.

Getting Started

Note: These instructions assume you have experience deploying conventional rails apps.

Install dependencies:

$  sudo apt-get install mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev imagemagic

If you want to run the unit tests you need to install PhantomJS directly from this link:


###With Docker:

$ cp .env.example .env
$ cp docker-compose.yml.example docker-compose.yml
$ docker-compose up --build -d
$ docker-compose exec app rake db:setup
$ docker-compose exec app rake user:populate_users

###Without Docker:

$  cp .env.example .env
$  bundle install
$  bundle exec rake db:create
$  bundle exec rake db:schema:load
$  bundle exec rake user:populate_users
$  rails s

If you get errors like Unknown MySQL server host 'db', try

$ mysql -u root
mysql> create database eff_fab_dev;
mysql> use eff_fab_dev;
grant all privileges on *.* to 'fab'@'localhost' identified by 'some_password';

### Populate Database Records
To prime up the database with a basic admin user, run `rake db:seed`.  To populate the app for EFF usage, login as the admin user (see application.yml for credentials) and navigate to `/admin` and click the button for `Populate Users`, this will scrape for user names, emails, and pictures and plug them into the database.

### Setup Reminder Mailings
Reminders and report_on_aftermath notifications are sent over email via `rake mail:send_reminder` and `rake mail:send_report_on_aftermath` respectively.  It's clever to have these commands executed via cron.  An example crontab follows:

0 13 * * 5 bash -l -c "cd /path/to/eff_fab/ && /path/to/rake -t RAILS_ENV=production mail:send_reminder" 0 12 * * 1 bash -l -c "cd /path/to/eff_fab/ && /path/to/rake -t RAILS_ENV=production mail:send_reminder" 0 15 * * 1 bash -l -c "cd /path/to/eff_fab/ && /path/to/rake -t RAILS_ENV=production mail:send_reminder" 15 15 * * 1 bash -l -c "cd /path/to/eff_fab/ && /path/to/rake -t RAILS_ENV=production mail:send_last_minute_reminder"

### Customize the images

Drop in more images into `app/assets/images/banner_pool` to have them show up in that beautiful top banner.  If one image doesn't seem to work, it probably has a `+` sign or possibly something even more adventurous like a question mark, so try taking that out.  

Administering Users

### From within the app

1. Log in as a user with the admin role.
2. Click "Administer" in the nav bar and click "Add new user".

### From the API

The API authenticates admin users through API tokens.  Admin users can view and create API tokens through their FAB profile.

Navigate to `/api/docs` for more information.


Forward and Back is licensed under the GPLv3. See LICENSE for more details.


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