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Disabled by https-everywhere-checker because:
Fetch error: => (35, 'Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to ')
Disabled by https-everywhere-checker because:
Fetch error: => (28, 'Resolving timed out after 10520 milliseconds') This ruleset is experimental. If you experience problems please
open an issue at -->
<ruleset name="Greek-banks" default_off="failed ruleset test">
<target host="" />
<target host="" />
<target host="" />
<target host="" />
<securecookie host="^www\.nbg\.gr$" name=".+" />
<securecookie host="^www\.alpha\.gr$" name=".+" />
<securecookie host="^www\.alphabankcards\.gr$" name=".+" />
<securecookie host="^www\.probank\.gr$" name=".+" />
<rule from="^http://www\.nbg\.gr/" to=""/>
<rule from="^http://(?:www\.)?alpha\.gr/" to=""/>
<rule from="^http://www\.alphabankcards\.gr/" to=""/>
<rule from="^http://(?:www\.)?probank\.gr/" to=""/>
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