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Disabled by https-everywhere-checker because:
Fetch error: => (60, 'SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired')
Office of Rail and Road
For other UK government coverage, see GOV.UK.xml.
Problematic hosts in *
- (www.)? ᵉ ᵐ ˢ
- dataportal ᶜ
ᶜ Server sends no certificate chain, see
ᵉ Expired
ᵐ Mismatched
ˢ Self-signed
Insecure cookies are set for these domains:
<ruleset name=" (partial)" default_off="failed ruleset test">
<!--target host="" /-->
<target host="" />
<target host="" />
<!-- Not secured by server:
<!--securecookie host="^\.dataportal\.orr\.gov\.uk$" name="^SESS[\da-f]{32}$" /-->
<securecookie host="^\." name="^_ga(?:t?$|t_)" />
<securecookie host="^\w" name=".+" />
<rule from="^http:"
to="https:" />
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