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Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically learns to block invisible trackers. Instead of keeping lists of what to block, Privacy Badger automatically discovers trackers based on their behavior.

Privacy Badger sends the Global Privacy Control signal to opt you out of data sharing and selling, and the Do Not Track signal to tell companies not to track you. If trackers ignore your wishes, Privacy Badger will learn to block them.

Besides automatic tracker blocking, Privacy Badger comes with privacy features like click-to-activate replacements for potentially useful trackers (video players, comments widgets, etc.), and link cleaning on Facebook and Google.

To learn more, see the FAQ on Privacy Badger's homepage.

Privacy Badger is a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and is governed by EFF's Public Projects Code of Conduct.


To install Privacy Badger, visit the Privacy Badger homepage.


We're glad you want to help! Please see our contributor guide.

Getting in touch

Besides using our GitHub issue tracker, you could send us an email, or join the Privacy Badger mailing list.

We also hold public meetings using Jitsi audio conferencing:

  • Mondays at 10:45 AM Pacific Time
  • Thursdays at 01:00 PM Pacific Time


Privacy Badger is licensed under the GPLv3+. See LICENSE for more details.