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Working with Privacy Badger's code

To make changes to Privacy Badger, you have to first load the extension from a source code checkout.

Install from source

To install Privacy Badger from source in Chrome, visit chrome://extensions, enable "Developer mode", click "Load unpacked" and select the src subdirectory inside your copy of the Privacy Badger source code.

In Firefox, visit about:debugging, click "Load Temporary Add-on" and select the src/manifest.json file. Note that this only installs the extension temporarily; it will be removed when you close Firefox.

Send a pull request

Before submitting a pull request (PR), please check your changes using ESLint, our preferred automated static analysis ("lint") tool.

Lint your changes

First, install the exact expected version of ESLint by running npm install in your Privacy Badger source code checkout directory. You should then be able to produce a lint report by running make lint in the same directory.

You can review our set of ESLint rules in .eslintrc.yml. Files we want ESLint to ignore are specified in .eslintignore.

Writing good commit messages

I highly suggest reviewing the suggestions in this excellent guide to writing commit messages.