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  1. Install Hugo
  • On macOS: brew install hugo
  • On Linux: install the cross platform binary to get the latest version.
  • Verify your installation by running hugo version. You should have version 0.26 or higher.
  1. Install Node and npm
  • ex. brew install node on macOS.
  • Verify your installation by running node -v and npm -v.
  1. npm install to install npm packages.

Run locally

  1. npm start to start the local server.
  2. Visit localhost:1313 in your browser.

Editing the site

Most of the HTML

The main site template is located at layout/index.html. It pulls in some partials from layout/partials.


To add a logo:

  1. Add it to static/images/logos.
  2. Add a new entry to data/logos with the filename, org name, and org site url.


The sass is located in the sass directory. Compiled sass goes in two places:

  1. The static/css directory, which gets added directly to the site.
  2. The layouts/partials/ac_embed_styles.html file. This is a little hack to let us inject the styles into the action center widget so we can style it more easily.

Static assets

Static assets such as images and font files can be added to the static directory. They will be included in the public folder when the site is built.