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#lang eopl
;; Exercise 5.49 [★] Do exercise 5.15 (continuations as a stack of frames) for THREADS.
;; Grammar.
(define the-lexical-spec
'([whitespace (whitespace) skip]
[comment ("%" (arbno (not #\newline))) skip]
[identifier (letter (arbno (or letter digit "_" "-" "?"))) symbol]
[number (digit (arbno digit)) number]
[number ("-" digit (arbno digit)) number]))
(define the-grammar
'([program (expression) a-program]
[expression (number) const-exp]
[expression ("[" (separated-list number ",") "]") const-list-exp]
[expression (identifier) var-exp]
[expression ("-" "(" expression "," expression ")") diff-exp]
[expression ("if" expression "then" expression "else" expression) if-exp]
[expression ("proc" "(" identifier ")" expression) proc-exp]
[expression ("(" expression expression ")") call-exp]
[expression ("begin" expression (arbno ";" expression) "end") begin-exp]
[expression ("let" identifier "=" expression "in" expression) let-exp]
[expression ("letrec" (arbno identifier "(" identifier ")" "=" expression) "in" expression) letrec-exp]
[expression ("set" identifier "=" expression) set-exp]
[expression ("spawn" "(" expression ")") spawn-exp]
[expression ("yield" "(" ")") yield-exp]
[expression ("mutex" "(" ")") mutex-exp]
[expression ("wait" "(" expression ")") wait-exp]
[expression ("signal" "(" expression ")") signal-exp]
[expression (unop "(" expression ")") unop-exp]
[unop ("car") car-unop]
[unop ("cdr") cdr-unop]
[unop ("null?") null?-unop]
[unop ("zero?") zero?-unop]
[unop ("print") print-unop]))
(sllgen:make-define-datatypes the-lexical-spec the-grammar)
(define scan&parse (sllgen:make-string-parser the-lexical-spec the-grammar))
;; Data structures.
;; References.
(define reference?
(lambda (v)
(integer? v)))
;; Store.
(define the-store 'uninitialized)
(define empty-store
(lambda ()
(define initialize-store!
(lambda ()
(set! the-store (empty-store))))
(define newref
(lambda (val)
(let ([next-ref (length the-store)])
(set! the-store (append the-store (list val)))
(define deref
(lambda (ref)
(list-ref the-store ref)))
(define report-invalid-reference
(lambda (ref the-store)
(eopl:error 'setref "illegal reference ~s in store ~s" ref the-store)))
(define setref!
(lambda (ref val)
(set! the-store
(letrec ([setref-inner (lambda (store1 ref1)
(cond [(null? store1) (report-invalid-reference ref the-store)]
[(zero? ref1) (cons val (cdr store1))]
[else (cons (car store1) (setref-inner (cdr store1) (- ref1 1)))]))])
(setref-inner the-store ref)))))
;; Procedures.
(define-datatype proc proc?
[procedure [bvar symbol?]
[body expression?]
[env environment?]])
(define fresh-identifier
(let ([sn 0])
(lambda (identifier)
(set! sn (+ sn 1))
(string->symbol (string-append (symbol->string identifier) "%" (number->string sn))))))
;; Queue.
(define empty-queue
(lambda ()
(define empty? null?)
(define enqueue
(lambda (q val)
(append q (list val))))
(define dequeue
(lambda (q f)
(f (car q) (cdr q))))
;; Scheduler.
(define the-ready-queue 'uninitialized)
(define the-final-answer 'uninitialized)
(define the-max-time-slice 'uninitialized)
(define the-time-remaining 'uninitialized)
(define initialize-scheduler!
(lambda (ticks)
(set! the-ready-queue (empty-queue))
(set! the-final-answer 'uninitialized)
(set! the-max-time-slice ticks)
(set! the-time-remaining the-max-time-slice)))
(define place-on-ready-queue!
(lambda (th)
(set! the-ready-queue (enqueue the-ready-queue th))))
(define time-expired?
(lambda ()
(zero? the-time-remaining)))
(define decrement-timer!
(lambda ()
(set! the-time-remaining (- the-time-remaining 1))))
(define set-final-answer!
(lambda (val)
(set! the-final-answer val)))
(define run-next-thread
(lambda ()
(if (empty? the-ready-queue)
(dequeue the-ready-queue
(lambda (first-ready-thread other-ready-threads)
(set! the-ready-queue other-ready-threads)
(set! the-time-remaining the-max-time-slice)
;; Mutexes.
(define-datatype mutex mutex?
[a-mutex [ref-to-closed? reference?]
[ref-to-wait-queue reference?]])
(define new-mutex
(lambda ()
(a-mutex (newref #f) (newref '()))))
(define wait-for-mutex
(lambda (m th)
(cases mutex m
[a-mutex (ref-to-closed? ref-to-wait-queue)
(cond [(deref ref-to-closed?) (setref! ref-to-wait-queue (enqueue (deref ref-to-wait-queue) th))
[else (setref! ref-to-closed? #t)
(define signal-mutex
(lambda (m th)
(cases mutex m
[a-mutex (ref-to-closed? ref-to-wait-queue) (let ([closed? (deref ref-to-closed?)]
[wait-queue (deref ref-to-wait-queue)])
(when closed?
(if (empty? wait-queue)
(setref! ref-to-closed? #f)
(dequeue wait-queue
(lambda (first-waiting-th other-waiting-ths)
(place-on-ready-queue! first-waiting-th)
(setref! ref-to-wait-queue other-waiting-ths)))))
;; Expressed values.
(define-datatype expval expval?
[num-val [value number?]]
[bool-val [boolean boolean?]]
[proc-val [proc proc?]]
[list-val [lst (list-of expval?)]]
[mutex-val [mutex mutex?]])
(define expval-extractor-error
(lambda (variant value)
(eopl:error 'expval-extractors "Looking for a ~s, found ~s" variant value)))
(define expval->num
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[num-val (num) num]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'num v)])))
(define expval->bool
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[bool-val (bool) bool]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'bool v)])))
(define expval->proc
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[proc-val (proc) proc]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'proc v)])))
(define expval->list
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[list-val (lst) lst]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'list v)])))
(define expval->mutex
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[mutex-val (l) l]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'mutex v)])))
;; Environment.
(define environment?
(list-of (lambda (p)
(and (pair? p) (or (symbol? (car p)) ((list-of symbol?) (car p)))))))
(define empty-env
(lambda ()
(define extend-env
(lambda (sym val old-env)
(cons (list sym val) old-env)))
(define extend-env-rec*
(lambda (p-names b-vars p-bodies saved-env)
(cons (list p-names b-vars p-bodies) saved-env)))
(define locate
(lambda (sym los)
(let loop ((pos 0) (los los))
(cond [(null? los) #f]
[(eqv? sym (car los)) pos]
[else (loop (+ pos 1) (cdr los))]))))
(define apply-env
(lambda (env search-sym)
(if (null? env)
(eopl:error 'apply-env "No binding for ~s" search-sym)
(let* ((binding (car env))
(saved-env (cdr env)))
(if (symbol? (car binding))
(if (eqv? search-sym (car binding))
(cadr binding)
(apply-env saved-env search-sym))
(let ([pos (locate search-sym (car binding))]
[b-vars (cadr binding)]
[p-bodies (caddr binding)])
(if pos
(newref (proc-val (procedure (list-ref b-vars pos) (list-ref p-bodies pos) env)))
(apply-env saved-env search-sym))))))))
;; Continuation.
(define-datatype frame frame?
[diff1-frame [exp2 expression?]
[env environment?]]
[diff2-frame [val1 expval?]]
[if-test-frame [exp2 expression?]
[exp3 expression?]
[env environment?]]
[rator-frame [rand expression?]
[env environment?]]
[rand-frame [val1 expval?]]
[set-rhs-frame [loc reference?]]
[unop-arg-frame [unop1 unop?]])
;; Interpreter.
(define apply-unop
(lambda (unop1 arg cont)
(cases unop unop1
[zero?-unop () (apply-cont cont (bool-val (zero? (expval->num arg))))]
[car-unop () (let ([lst (expval->list arg)])
(apply-cont cont (car lst)))]
[cdr-unop () (let ([lst (expval->list arg)])
(apply-cont cont (list-val (cdr lst))))]
[null?-unop () (apply-cont cont (bool-val (null? (expval->list arg))))]
[print-unop () (begin (eopl:printf "~a~%" (expval->num arg))
(apply-cont cont (num-val 1)))])))
(define apply-procedure
(lambda (proc1 arg cont)
(cases proc proc1
[procedure (var body saved-env) (value-of/k body (extend-env var (newref arg) saved-env) cont)])))
(define apply-cont
(lambda (cont val)
(if (time-expired?)
(begin (place-on-ready-queue! (lambda ()
(apply-cont cont val)))
(begin (decrement-timer!)
(cases frame (car cont)
[end-main-thread-frame ()
(set-final-answer! val)
[end-subthread-frame () (run-next-thread)]
[diff1-frame (exp2 saved-env) (value-of/k exp2 saved-env (cons (diff2-frame val) (cdr cont)))]
[diff2-frame (val1) (let ([n1 (expval->num val1)]
[n2 (expval->num val)])
(apply-cont (cdr cont) (num-val (- n1 n2))))]
[if-test-frame (exp2 exp3 env) (if (expval->bool val)
(value-of/k exp2 env (cdr cont))
(value-of/k exp3 env (cdr cont)))]
[rator-frame (rand saved-env) (value-of/k rand saved-env (cons (rand-frame val) (cdr cont)))]
[rand-frame (val1) (let ([proc (expval->proc val1)])
(apply-procedure proc val (cdr cont)))]
[set-rhs-frame (loc) (begin (setref! loc val)
(apply-cont (cdr cont) (num-val 26)))]
[spawn-frame () (let ([proc1 (expval->proc val)])
(place-on-ready-queue! (lambda ()
(apply-procedure proc1
(num-val 28)
(list (end-subthread-frame)))))
(apply-cont (cdr cont) (num-val 73)))]
[wait-frame () (wait-for-mutex (expval->mutex val)
(lambda ()
(apply-cont (cdr cont) (num-val 52))))]
[signal-frame () (signal-mutex (expval->mutex val)
(lambda ()
(apply-cont (cdr cont) (num-val 53))))]
[unop-arg-frame (unop1) (apply-unop unop1 val (cdr cont))])))))
(define value-of/k
(lambda (exp env cont)
(cases expression exp
[const-exp (num) (apply-cont cont (num-val num))]
[const-list-exp (nums) (apply-cont cont (list-val (map num-val nums)))]
[var-exp (var) (apply-cont cont (deref (apply-env env var)))]
[diff-exp (exp1 exp2) (value-of/k exp1 env (cons (diff1-frame exp2 env) cont))]
[if-exp (exp1 exp2 exp3) (value-of/k exp1 env (cons (if-test-frame exp2 exp3 env) cont))]
[proc-exp (var body) (apply-cont cont (proc-val (procedure var body env)))]
[call-exp (rator rand) (value-of/k rator env (cons (rator-frame rand env) cont))]
[let-exp (var exp1 body) (value-of/k (call-exp (proc-exp var body) exp1) env cont)]
[begin-exp (exp exps) (if (null? exps)
(value-of/k exp env cont)
(value-of/k (call-exp (proc-exp (fresh-identifier 'dummy)
(begin-exp (car exps) (cdr exps)))
[letrec-exp (p-names b-vars p-bodies letrec-body) (value-of/k letrec-body
(extend-env-rec* p-names b-vars p-bodies env)
[set-exp (id exp) (value-of/k exp env (cons (set-rhs-frame (apply-env env id)) cont))]
[spawn-exp (exp) (value-of/k exp env (cons (spawn-frame) cont))]
[yield-exp ()
(place-on-ready-queue! (lambda ()
(apply-cont cont (num-val 99))))
[mutex-exp () (apply-cont cont (mutex-val (new-mutex)))]
[wait-exp (exp) (value-of/k exp env (cons (wait-frame) cont))]
[signal-exp (exp) (value-of/k exp env (cons (signal-frame) cont))]
[unop-exp (unop1 exp) (value-of/k exp env (cons (unop-arg-frame unop1) cont))])))
(define value-of-program
(lambda (timeslice pgm)
(initialize-scheduler! timeslice)
(cases program pgm
[a-program (exp1) (value-of/k exp1 (empty-env) (list (end-main-thread-frame)))])))
;; Interface.
(define run
(lambda (string)
(value-of-program 50 (scan&parse string))))
(provide num-val bool-val list-val run)