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#lang eopl
;; Exercise 6.19 [★★] Write a Scheme procedure tail-form? that takes the syntax tree of a program in CPS-IN,
;; expressed in the grammar of figure 6.3, and determines whether the same string would be in tail form according to the
;; grammar of figure 6.5.
;; CPS-IN grammar.
(define the-lexical-spec
'([whitespace (whitespace) skip]
[comment ("%" (arbno (not #\newline))) skip]
[identifier (letter (arbno (or letter digit "_" "-" "?"))) symbol]
[number (digit (arbno digit)) number]
[number ("-" digit (arbno digit)) number]))
(define the-grammar
'([program (expression) a-program]
[expression (number) const-exp]
[expression ("-" "(" expression "," expression ")") diff-exp]
[expression ("zero?" "(" expression ")") zero?-exp]
[expression ("if" expression "then" expression "else" expression) if-exp]
[expression ("letrec" (arbno identifier "(" (arbno identifier) ")" "=" expression) "in" expression) letrec-exp]
[expression (identifier) var-exp]
[expression ("let" identifier "=" expression "in" expression) let-exp]
[expression ("proc" "(" (arbno identifier) ")" expression) proc-exp]
[expression ("(" expression (arbno expression) ")") call-exp]))
(sllgen:make-define-datatypes the-lexical-spec the-grammar)
(define scan&parse (sllgen:make-string-parser the-lexical-spec the-grammar))
(define all
(lambda (pred items)
(let loop ([items items])
(or (null? items)
(and (pred (car items))
(loop (cdr items)))))))
(define simple-exp?
(lambda (exp)
(cases expression exp
[const-exp (num) #t]
[diff-exp (exp1 exp2) (and (simple-exp? exp1)
(simple-exp? exp2))]
[zero?-exp (exp1) (simple-exp? exp1)]
[var-exp (var) #t]
[proc-exp (vars body) (tail-form-exp? body)]
[else #f])))
(define tail-form-exp?
(lambda (exp)
(cases expression exp
[const-exp (num) #t]
[diff-exp (exp1 exp2) (and (simple-exp? exp1)
(simple-exp? exp2))]
[zero?-exp (exp1) (simple-exp? exp1)]
[if-exp (exp1 exp2 exp3) (and (simple-exp? exp1)
(tail-form-exp? exp2)
(tail-form-exp? exp3))]
[var-exp (var) #t]
[let-exp (var exp1 body) (and (simple-exp? exp1)
(tail-form-exp? body))]
[letrec-exp (p-names b-varss p-bodies letrec-body) (and (all tail-form-exp? p-bodies)
(tail-form-exp? letrec-body))]
[proc-exp (vars body) (tail-form-exp? body)]
[call-exp (rator rands) (and (simple-exp? rator) (all simple-exp? rands))])))
(define tail-form?
(lambda (pgm)
(cases program pgm
[a-program (exp) (tail-form-exp? exp)])))
(provide scan&parse tail-form?)