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#lang eopl
;; Exercise 6.38 [★★★] If a variable never appears on the left-hand side of a set expression, then it is immutable,
;; and could be treated as simple. Extend your solution to the preceding exercise so that all such variables are treated
;; as simple.
;; CPS-IN grammar.
(define the-lexical-spec
'([whitespace (whitespace) skip]
[comment ("%" (arbno (not #\newline))) skip]
[identifier (letter (arbno (or letter digit "_" "-" "?"))) symbol]
[number (digit (arbno digit)) number]
[number ("-" digit (arbno digit)) number]))
(define the-grammar
'([program (expression) a-program]
[var-definition ("%mut" identifier) mut-var-def]
[var-definition ("%const" identifier) const-var-def]
[expression (number) const-exp]
[expression ("-" "(" expression "," expression ")") diff-exp]
[expression ("+" "(" (separated-list expression ",") ")") sum-exp]
[expression ("zero?" "(" expression ")") zero?-exp]
[expression ("if" expression "then" expression "else" expression) if-exp]
[expression ("letrec" (arbno identifier "(" (arbno identifier) ")" "=" expression) "in" expression) letrec-exp]
[expression ("%letrec" (arbno var-definition "(" (arbno var-definition) ")" "=" expression) "in" expression)
[expression (identifier) var-exp]
[expression ("let" identifier "=" expression "in" expression) let-exp]
[expression ("%let" var-definition "=" expression "in" expression) %let-exp]
[expression ("proc" "(" (arbno identifier) ")" expression) proc-exp]
[expression ("%proc" "(" (arbno var-definition) ")" expression) %proc-exp]
[expression ("(" expression (arbno expression) ")") call-exp]
[expression ("set" identifier "=" expression) assign-exp]
[expression ("print" "(" expression ")") print-exp]
[expression ("newref" "(" expression ")") newref-exp]
[expression ("deref" "(" expression ")") deref-exp]
[expression ("setref" "(" expression "," expression ")") setref-exp]))
(sllgen:make-define-datatypes the-lexical-spec the-grammar)
(define scan&parse (sllgen:make-string-parser the-lexical-spec the-grammar))
;; CPS-OUT grammar.
(define cps-out-lexical-spec
'([whitespace (whitespace) skip]
[comment ("%" (arbno (not #\newline))) skip]
[identifier (letter (arbno (or letter digit "_" "-" "?"))) symbol]
[number (digit (arbno digit)) number]
[number ("-" digit (arbno digit)) number]))
(define cps-out-grammar
'([cps-out-program (tfexp) cps-a-program]
[simple-expression (number) cps-const-exp]
[simple-expression (identifier) cps-var-exp]
[simple-expression ("-" "(" simple-expression "," simple-expression ")") cps-diff-exp]
[simple-expression ("zero?" "(" simple-expression ")") cps-zero?-exp]
[simple-expression ("+" "(" (separated-list simple-expression ",") ")") cps-sum-exp]
[simple-expression ("proc" "(" (arbno identifier) ")" tfexp) cps-proc-exp]
[tfexp (simple-expression) simple-exp->exp]
[tfexp ("let" identifier "=" simple-expression "in" tfexp) cps-let-exp]
[tfexp ("letrec" (arbno identifier "(" (arbno identifier) ")" "=" tfexp) "in" tfexp) cps-letrec-exp]
[tfexp ("if" simple-expression "then" tfexp "else" tfexp) cps-if-exp]
[tfexp ("(" simple-expression (arbno simple-expression) ")") cps-call-exp]
[tfexp ("printk" "(" simple-expression ")" ";" tfexp) cps-printk-exp]
[tfexp ("newrefk" "(" simple-expression "," simple-expression ")") cps-newrefk-exp]
[tfexp ("derefk" "(" simple-expression "," simple-expression ")") cps-derefk-exp]
[tfexp ("setrefk" "(" simple-expression "," simple-expression ")" ";" tfexp) cps-setrefk-exp]))
(sllgen:make-define-datatypes cps-out-lexical-spec cps-out-grammar)
;; Mark const variable definitions.
(define never
(lambda (s)
(eopl:error s "Not gonna happen.")))
(define filter
(lambda (pred lst)
(let loop ([acc '()]
[lst lst])
(if (null? lst)
(reverse acc)
(let ([head (car lst)]
[tail (cdr lst)])
(if (pred head)
(loop (cons head acc) tail)
(loop acc tail)))))))
(define list-diffv
(lambda (lhs rhs)
(filter (lambda (x)
(not (memv x rhs)))
(define mark-var-defs
(lambda (vars mut-vars)
(map (lambda (var)
(if (memv var mut-vars)
(mut-var-def var)
(const-var-def var)))
(define mark-const-def-exp
(lambda (exp cont)
(cases expression exp
[const-exp (num) (cont exp '())]
[var-exp (var) (cont exp '())]
[proc-exp (vars body) (mark-const-def-exp body
(lambda (new-body mut-vars)
; Mark all procedure parameters as mutable because we may not know
; the actual bound type when calling a precedure.
(cont (%proc-exp (map mut-var-def vars) new-body)
(list-diffv mut-vars vars))))]
[%proc-exp (vars body) (never 'mark-const-def-exp)]
[zero?-exp (exp1) (mark-const-def-exp exp1
(lambda (new-exp mut-vars)
(cont (zero?-exp new-exp) mut-vars)))]
[diff-exp (exp1 exp2) (mark-const-def-exps (list exp1 exp2)
(lambda (new-exps mut-vars)
(cont (diff-exp (car new-exps) (cadr new-exps)) mut-vars)))]
[sum-exp (exps) (mark-const-def-exps exps
(lambda (new-exps mut-vars)
(cont (sum-exp new-exps) mut-vars)))]
[if-exp (exp1 exp2 exp3) (mark-const-def-exps (list exp1 exp2 exp3)
(lambda (new-exps mut-vars)
(cont (if-exp (car new-exps) (cadr new-exps) (caddr new-exps))
[let-exp (var exp1 body) (mark-const-def-exp exp1
(lambda (new-exp1 mut-vars1)
(mark-const-def-exp body
(lambda (new-body mut-vars2)
(if (memv var mut-vars2)
(cont (%let-exp (mut-var-def var)
(append mut-vars1
(list-diffv mut-vars2
(list var))))
(cont (%let-exp (const-var-def var)
(append mut-vars1 mut-vars2)))))))]
[%let-exp (var exp1 body) (never 'mark-const-def-exp)]
[letrec-exp (ids bidss proc-bodies body)
(let loop ([acc-bidss '()]
[acc-proc-bodies '()]
[acc-mut-vars '()]
[bidss bidss]
[proc-bodies proc-bodies])
(if (null? bidss)
(mark-const-def-exp body
(lambda (new-body mut-vars2)
(let ([all-mut-vars (append acc-mut-vars mut-vars2)])
(cont (%letrec-exp (mark-var-defs ids all-mut-vars)
(reverse acc-bidss)
(reverse acc-proc-bodies)
(list-diffv all-mut-vars ids)))))
(mark-const-def-exp (car proc-bodies)
(lambda (new-proc-body mut-vars1)
(loop (cons (map mut-var-def (car bidss)) acc-bidss)
(cons new-proc-body acc-proc-bodies)
(append (list-diffv mut-vars1 (car bidss)) acc-mut-vars)
(cdr bidss)
(cdr proc-bodies))))))]
[%letrec-exp (ids bidss proc-bodies body) (never 'mark-const-def-exp)]
[call-exp (rator rands) (mark-const-def-exps (cons rator rands)
(lambda (new-exps mut-vars)
(cont (call-exp (car new-exps) (cdr new-exps)) mut-vars)))]
[assign-exp (var exp1) (mark-const-def-exp exp1
(lambda (new-exp mut-vars)
(cont (assign-exp var new-exp) (cons var mut-vars))))]
[print-exp (rator) (mark-const-def-exp rator
(lambda (new-exp mut-vars)
(cont (print-exp new-exp) mut-vars)))]
[newref-exp (exp1) (mark-const-def-exp exp1
(lambda (new-exp mut-vars)
(cont (newref-exp new-exp) mut-vars)))]
[deref-exp (exp1) (mark-const-def-exp exp1
(lambda (new-exp mut-vars)
(cont (deref-exp new-exp) mut-vars)))]
[setref-exp (exp1 exp2) (mark-const-def-exps (list exp1 exp2)
(lambda (new-exps mut-vars)
(cont (setref-exp (car new-exps) (cadr new-exps)) mut-vars)))])))
(define mark-const-def-exps
(lambda (exps cont)
(let loop ([acc-new-exps '()]
[acc-mut-vars '()]
[exps exps])
(if (null? exps)
(cont (reverse acc-new-exps) acc-mut-vars)
(mark-const-def-exp (car exps)
(lambda (new-exp mut-vars)
(loop (cons new-exp acc-new-exps)
(append mut-vars acc-mut-vars)
(cdr exps))))))))
(define mark-const-def-program
(lambda (pgm)
(cases program pgm
[a-program (exp1) (mark-const-def-exp exp1
(lambda (new-exp mut-args)
(if (null? mut-args)
(a-program new-exp)
(never 'mark-const-def-program))))])))
;; Transformer.
(define fresh-identifier
(let ([sn 0])
(lambda (identifier)
(set! sn (+ sn 1))
(string->symbol (string-append (symbol->string identifier) "%" (number->string sn))))))
(define is-const
(lambda (var senv)
(let loop ([senv senv])
(if (null? senv)
#t ; Special case to handle false branch of an if expression.
(cases var-definition (car senv)
[const-var-def (var1) (if (eqv? var1 var)
(loop (cdr senv)))]
[mut-var-def (var1) (if (eqv? var1 var)
(loop (cdr senv)))])))))
(define unmark-var-def
(lambda (var)
(cases var-definition var
[const-var-def (var) var]
[mut-var-def (var) var])))
(define unmark-var-defs
(lambda (vars)
(map unmark-var-def vars)))
(define all-simple?
(lambda (exps senv)
(if (null? exps)
(and (inp-exp-simple? (car exps) senv)
(all-simple? (cdr exps) senv)))))
(define inp-exp-simple?
(lambda (exp senv)
(cases expression exp
[const-exp (num) #t]
[var-exp (var) (is-const var senv)]
[diff-exp (exp1 exp2) (and (inp-exp-simple? exp1 senv) (inp-exp-simple? exp2 senv))]
[zero?-exp (exp1) (inp-exp-simple? exp1 senv)]
[%proc-exp (ids exp) #t]
[sum-exp (exps) (all-simple? exps senv)]
[else #f])))
(define make-send-to-cont
(lambda (cont bexp)
(cps-call-exp cont (list bexp))))
(define cps-of-zero?-exp
(lambda (exp1 senv k-exp)
(cps-of-exps (list exp1)
(lambda (new-rands senv)
(make-send-to-cont k-exp (cps-zero?-exp (car new-rands)))))))
(define cps-of-sum-exp
(lambda (exps senv k-exp)
(cps-of-exps exps
(lambda (new-rands senv)
(make-send-to-cont k-exp (cps-sum-exp new-rands))))))
(define cps-of-diff-exp
(lambda (exp1 exp2 senv k-exp)
(cps-of-exps (list exp1 exp2)
(lambda (new-rands senv)
(make-send-to-cont k-exp (cps-diff-exp (car new-rands) (cadr new-rands)))))))
(define cps-of-if-exp
(lambda (exp1 exp2 exp3 senv k-exp)
(cps-of-exps (list exp1)
(lambda (new-rands senv)
(cps-if-exp (car new-rands) (cps-of-exp exp2 senv k-exp) (cps-of-exp exp3 senv k-exp))))))
(define cps-of-%let-exp
(lambda (id rhs body senv k-exp)
(cps-of-exps (list rhs)
(lambda (new-rands senv)
(cases var-definition id
[const-var-def (var) (cps-let-exp var (car new-rands) (cps-of-exp body (cons id senv) k-exp))]
[mut-var-def (var) (cps-newrefk-exp (car new-rands)
(cps-proc-exp (list var)
(cps-of-exp body (cons id senv) k-exp)))])))))
(define split-%letrec-defs
(lambda (proc-names idss proc-bodies cont)
(let loop ([acc-const-proc-names '()]
[acc-const-idss '()]
[acc-const-proc-bodies '()]
[acc-mut-proc-names '()]
[acc-mut-idss '()]
[acc-mut-proc-bodies '()]
[proc-names proc-names]
[idss idss]
[proc-bodies proc-bodies])
(if (null? proc-names)
(cont (reverse acc-const-proc-names)
(reverse acc-const-idss)
(reverse acc-const-proc-bodies)
(reverse acc-mut-proc-names)
(reverse acc-mut-idss)
(reverse acc-mut-proc-bodies))
(cases var-definition (car proc-names)
[const-var-def (var) (loop (cons (car proc-names) acc-const-proc-names)
(cons (car idss) acc-const-idss)
(cons (car proc-bodies) acc-const-proc-bodies)
(cdr proc-names)
(cdr idss)
(cdr proc-bodies))]
[mut-var-def (var) (loop acc-const-proc-names
(cons (car proc-names) acc-mut-proc-names)
(cons (car idss) acc-mut-idss)
(cons (car proc-bodies) acc-mut-proc-bodies)
(cdr proc-names)
(cdr idss)
(cdr proc-bodies))])))))
(define make-places
(lambda (names senv builder)
(if (null? names)
(builder senv)
(let ([name (car names)])
(cps-newrefk-exp (cps-const-exp 678)
(cps-proc-exp (list name)
(make-places (cdr names) (cons (mut-var-def name) senv) builder)))))))
(define make-const-rec-procs
(lambda (proc-names idss proc-bodies senv builder)
(let ([letrec-senv (append proc-names senv)])
(cps-letrec-exp (unmark-var-defs proc-names)
(map (lambda (ids)
(append (unmark-var-defs ids) (list 'k%00)))
(map (lambda (proc-body)
(cps-of-exp proc-body
(cons (const-var-def 'k%00) (append (car idss) letrec-senv))
(cps-var-exp 'k%00)))
(builder letrec-senv)))))
(define make-set-rec-procs
(lambda (proc-names idss proc-bodies senv builder)
(if (null? proc-names)
(builder senv)
(cps-setrefk-exp (cps-var-exp (unmark-var-def (car proc-names)))
(cps-proc-exp (append (unmark-var-defs (car idss)) (list 'k%00))
(cps-of-exp (car proc-bodies)
(cons (const-var-def 'k%00) (append (car idss) senv))
(cps-var-exp 'k%00)))
(make-set-rec-procs (cdr proc-names)
(cdr idss)
(cdr proc-bodies)
(define cps-of-%letrec-exp
(lambda (proc-names idss proc-bodies body senv k-exp)
(split-%letrec-defs proc-names
(lambda (const-proc-names const-idss const-proc-bodies mut-proc-names mut-idss mut-proc-bodies)
(make-places (unmark-var-defs mut-proc-names)
(lambda (senv1)
(make-const-rec-procs const-proc-names
(lambda (senv2)
(make-set-rec-procs mut-proc-names
(lambda (senv3)
(cps-of-exp body
(define cps-of-call-exp
(lambda (rator rands senv k-exp)
(cps-of-exps (cons rator rands)
(lambda (new-rands senv)
(let loop ([acc '()]
[rands (append (cdr new-rands))])
(if (null? rands)
(cps-call-exp (car new-rands) (reverse (cons k-exp acc)))
(let ([var (fresh-identifier 'var)])
(cps-newrefk-exp (car rands)
(cps-proc-exp (list var)
(loop (cons (cps-var-exp var) acc)
(cdr rands)))))))))))
(define cps-of-assign-exp
(lambda (var exp1 senv k-exp)
(cps-of-exps (list exp1)
(lambda (new-rands senv)
(cps-setrefk-exp (cps-var-exp var) (car new-rands) (make-send-to-cont k-exp (cps-const-exp 27)))))))
(define report-invalid-exp-to-cps-of-simple-exp
(lambda (exp)
(eopl:error 'cps-of-simple-exp "non-simple expression to cps-of-simple-exp: ~s" exp)))
(define cps-of-simple-exp
(lambda (exp senv)
(cases expression exp
[const-exp (num) (cps-const-exp num)]
[var-exp (var) (if (is-const var senv)
(cps-var-exp var)
(never 'cps-of-simple-exp))]
[diff-exp (exp1 exp2) (cps-diff-exp (cps-of-simple-exp exp1 senv) (cps-of-simple-exp exp2 senv))]
[zero?-exp (exp1) (cps-zero?-exp (cps-of-simple-exp exp1 senv))]
[%proc-exp (ids exp) (cps-proc-exp (append (unmark-var-defs ids) (list 'k%00))
(cps-of-exp exp
(cons (const-var-def 'k%00) (append ids senv))
(cps-var-exp 'k%00)))]
[sum-exp (exps) (cps-sum-exp (map (lambda (exp)
(cps-of-simple-exp exp senv))
[else (report-invalid-exp-to-cps-of-simple-exp exp)])))
(define cps-of-exp
(lambda (exp senv k-exp)
(cases expression exp
[const-exp (num) (make-send-to-cont k-exp (cps-const-exp num))]
[var-exp (var) (if (is-const var senv)
(make-send-to-cont k-exp (cps-var-exp var))
(cps-derefk-exp (cps-var-exp var) k-exp))]
[proc-exp (vars body) (never 'cps-of-exp)]
[%proc-exp (vars body) (make-send-to-cont k-exp
(cps-proc-exp (append (unmark-var-defs vars) (list 'k%00))
(cps-of-exp body
(cons (const-var-def 'k%00)
(append vars senv))
(cps-var-exp 'k%00))))]
[zero?-exp (exp1) (cps-of-zero?-exp exp1 senv k-exp)]
[diff-exp (exp1 exp2) (cps-of-diff-exp exp1 exp2 senv k-exp)]
[sum-exp (exps) (cps-of-sum-exp exps senv k-exp)]
[if-exp (exp1 exp2 exp3) (cps-of-if-exp exp1 exp2 exp3 senv k-exp)]
[let-exp (var exp1 body) (never 'cps-of-exp)]
[%let-exp (var exp1 body) (cps-of-%let-exp var exp1 body senv k-exp)]
[letrec-exp (ids bidss proc-bodies body) (never 'cps-of-exp)]
[%letrec-exp (ids bidss proc-bodies body) (cps-of-%letrec-exp ids bidss proc-bodies body senv k-exp)]
[call-exp (rator rands) (cps-of-call-exp rator rands senv k-exp)]
[assign-exp (var exp1) (cps-of-assign-exp var exp1 senv k-exp)]
[print-exp (rator) (cps-of-exps (list rator)
(lambda (simples senv)
(cps-printk-exp (car simples) (make-send-to-cont k-exp (cps-const-exp 38)))))]
[newref-exp (exp1) (cps-of-exps (list exp1)
(lambda (simples senv)
(cps-newrefk-exp (car simples) k-exp)))]
[deref-exp (exp1) (cps-of-exps (list exp1)
(lambda (simples senv)
(cps-derefk-exp (car simples) k-exp)))]
[setref-exp (exp1 exp2) (cps-of-exps (list exp1 exp2)
(lambda (simples senv)
(cps-setrefk-exp (car simples)
(cadr simples)
(make-send-to-cont k-exp (cps-const-exp 23)))))])))
(define cps-of-exps
; Actually the implementation is incorrect, because it can not handle some programs with special varible scopes.
; An issue has been filed here:
(lambda (exps senv builder)
(let cps-of-rest ([exps exps]
[senv senv]
[acc '()])
(cond [(null? exps) (builder (reverse acc) senv)]
[(inp-exp-simple? (car exps) senv) (cps-of-rest (cdr exps)
(cons (cps-of-simple-exp (car exps) senv) acc))]
[else (let ([var (fresh-identifier 'var)])
(cps-of-exp (car exps)
(cps-proc-exp (list var)
(cps-of-rest (cdr exps)
(cons (const-var-def var) senv)
(cons (cps-var-exp var) acc)))))]))))
(define cps-of-program
(lambda (pgm)
(cases program pgm
[a-program (exp1) (cps-a-program (cps-of-exps (list exp1)
(lambda (new-args senv)
(simple-exp->exp (car new-args)))))])))
;; Data structures - expressed values.
(define-datatype proc proc?
[procedure [vars (list-of symbol?)]
[body tfexp?]
[env environment?]])
(define-datatype expval expval?
[num-val [value number?]]
[bool-val [boolean boolean?]]
[proc-val [proc proc?]]
[ref-val [ref reference?]])
(define expval-extractor-error
(lambda (variant value)
(eopl:error 'expval-extractors "Looking for a ~s, found ~s" variant value)))
(define expval->num
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[num-val (num) num]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'num v)])))
(define expval->bool
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[bool-val (bool) bool]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'bool v)])))
(define expval->proc
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[proc-val (proc) proc]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'proc v)])))
(define expval->ref
(lambda (v)
(cases expval v
[ref-val (ref) ref]
[else (expval-extractor-error 'reference v)])))
;; Data structures - environment.
(define empty-env
(lambda ()
(define extend-env*
(lambda (syms vals old-env)
(cons (list 'let syms vals) old-env)))
(define extend-env-rec**
(lambda (p-names b-varss p-bodies saved-env)
(cons (list 'letrec p-names b-varss p-bodies) saved-env)))
(define environment?
(list-of (lambda (p)
(and (pair? p) (or (eqv? (car p) 'let) (eqv? (car p) 'letrec))))))
(define apply-env
(lambda (env search-sym)
(define list-index
(lambda (sym los)
(let loop ([pos 0]
[los los])
(cond [(null? los) #f]
[(eqv? sym (car los)) pos]
[else (loop (+ pos 1) (cdr los))]))))
(if (null? env)
(eopl:error 'apply-env "No binding for ~s" search-sym)
(let* ([binding (car env)]
[saved-env (cdr env)])
(let ([pos (list-index search-sym (cadr binding))])
(if pos
(case (car binding)
[(let) (list-ref (caddr binding) pos)]
[(letrec) (let ([bvars (caddr binding)]
[bodies (cadddr binding)])
(proc-val (procedure (list-ref bvars pos) (list-ref bodies pos) env)))])
(apply-env saved-env search-sym)))))))
;; Data structures - continuation.
(define-datatype continuation continuation?
;; Data structures - store.
(define reference?
(lambda (v)
(integer? v)))
(define the-store 'uninitialized)
(define empty-store
(lambda ()
(define initialize-store!
(lambda ()
(set! the-store (empty-store))))
(define newref
(lambda (val)
(let ([next-ref (length the-store)])
(set! the-store (append the-store (list val)))
(define deref
(lambda (ref)
(list-ref the-store ref)))
(define report-invalid-reference
(lambda (ref the-store)
(eopl:error 'setref "illegal reference ~s in store ~s" ref the-store)))
(define setref!
(lambda (ref val)
(set! the-store (letrec ([setref-inner (lambda (store1 ref1)
(cond [(null? store1) (report-invalid-reference ref the-store)]
[(zero? ref1) (cons val (cdr store1))]
[else (cons (car store1) (setref-inner (cdr store1) (- ref1 1)))]))])
(setref-inner the-store ref)))))
;; Interpreter.
(define apply-cont
(lambda (cont val)
(cases continuation cont
[end-cont () val])))
(define apply-procedure/k
(lambda (proc1 args cont)
(cases proc proc1
[procedure (vars body saved-env) (value-of/k body (extend-env* vars args saved-env) cont)])))
(define value-of-simple-exp
(lambda (exp env)
(cases simple-expression exp
[cps-const-exp (num) (num-val num)]
[cps-var-exp (var) (apply-env env var)]
[cps-diff-exp (exp1 exp2) (let ([val1 (expval->num (value-of-simple-exp exp1 env))]
[val2 (expval->num (value-of-simple-exp exp2 env))])
(num-val (- val1 val2)))]
[cps-zero?-exp (exp1) (bool-val (zero? (expval->num (value-of-simple-exp exp1 env))))]
[cps-sum-exp (exps) (let ([nums (map (lambda (exp)
(expval->num (value-of-simple-exp exp env)))
(num-val (let sum-loop ([nums nums])
(if (null? nums)
(+ (car nums) (sum-loop (cdr nums)))))))]
[cps-proc-exp (vars body) (proc-val (procedure vars body env))])))
(define value-of/k
(lambda (exp env cont)
(cases tfexp exp
[simple-exp->exp (bexp) (apply-cont cont (value-of-simple-exp bexp env))]
[cps-let-exp (var exp1 body) (let ([val (value-of-simple-exp exp1 env)])
(value-of/k body (extend-env* (list var) (list val) env) cont))]
[cps-letrec-exp (p-names b-varss p-bodies letrec-body) (value-of/k letrec-body
(extend-env-rec** p-names b-varss p-bodies env)
[cps-if-exp (exp1 exp2 exp3) (value-of/k (if (expval->bool (value-of-simple-exp exp1 env))
[cps-call-exp (rator rands) (let ([rator-proc (expval->proc (value-of-simple-exp rator env))]
[rand-vals (map (lambda (bexp)
(value-of-simple-exp bexp env))
(apply-procedure/k rator-proc rand-vals cont))]
[cps-printk-exp (simple body) (begin (eopl:printf "~s~%" (value-of-simple-exp simple env))
(value-of/k body env cont))]
[cps-newrefk-exp (simple1 simple2) (let ([val1 (value-of-simple-exp simple1 env)]
[val2 (value-of-simple-exp simple2 env)])
(let ([newval (ref-val (newref val1))])
(apply-procedure/k (expval->proc val2) (list newval) cont)))]
[cps-derefk-exp (simple1 simple2) (apply-procedure/k (expval->proc (value-of-simple-exp simple2 env))
(list (deref (expval->ref (value-of-simple-exp simple1
[cps-setrefk-exp (simple1 simple2 body) (let ([ref (expval->ref (value-of-simple-exp simple1 env))]
[val (value-of-simple-exp simple2 env)])
(begin (setref! ref val)
(value-of/k body env cont)))])))
(define value-of-program
(lambda (pgm)
(cases cps-out-program pgm
[cps-a-program (body) (value-of/k body (empty-env) (end-cont))])))
;; Interface.
(define run
(lambda (string)
(let* ([marked-pgm (mark-const-def-program (scan&parse string))]
[cpsed-pgm (cps-of-program marked-pgm)])
(value-of-program cpsed-pgm))))
(provide bool-val num-val run)