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PLEASE NOTE: MicroWorks website on Alibaba is currently closed. I contacted Mr. Lee from MicroWorks and got an answer saying they will re-arrange their website in Alibaba in June 2017. Anyone can contact him to buy the components, on skype or whatsapp: - 0086-136 6042 4065 ( whatsapp ) - Skype: lizhigang540


EGG Electric Unicycle is a DIY and OpenSource design that can be customized for specific needs (more batteries, powerful motor, lights, etc). Main characteristics of current version:

  • Max velocity up to 30km/h (recommended 25km/h)
  • 2 battery packs making a total of 264W (range of 20kms on flat roads with a rider of 100kgs)
  • 500W motor, 14 inches wheel
  • Bluetooth for configuration and reading in real time the speed, current, board temperature, etc
Promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dLySbCUke8

Video "EGG Electric Unicycle - promotion at Makerfaire Lisbon 2016": https://youtu.be/KW8zMBRCQFs

We won a prize with EGG EUC for "One of the best Maker projects of Makerfaire Lisbon 2016". Timelapse of assembly of EGG Electric Unicycle : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWm6CqdjT_s

MOD to add RGB LED strip to EGG EUC - read more here: MicroWorks-30B4-controller-board-RGB-LED-strip
Video showing the EGG EUC with the RGB LED strip: https://youtu.be/GVwIKUGX1u8


Table of Contents


An Electric Unicycle (EUC) is a small and simple device. It's composed on mainly 3 parts: motor/wheel; electronic board and battery - all the parts can be bought online and it's easy to assembly. The plastic shell can have a custom design and be 3D printed at home or at local 3D printing shop.

Building our own Electric Unicycle have many advantages:

  • Customize for your specific needs: more battery packs for more range; more powerful motor for more speed; etc
  • Being able to fix it if something broke with time, like exchanging and old battery for a new one
  • Save on price: you can build an high range EUC for the price of a lower range
  • Customize the colors


There are a few reasons that move us everyday on developing OpenSource technology and knowledge for Electric Unicycles. Our inspiration comes from many successful OpenSource projects like: Wikipedia; Linux; Arduino; RepRap.

We have kids and we want to improve the world for them, the new generations - we really believe in reducing the CO2 emissions for a greener environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlFdzBimiA4

Mobile Bluetooth app

You can download the EGG app here.
This app should work with Electric Unicycles that uses the MicroWorks 30B4 controller board.

Main features of the app:

  • Shows real time speed, trip distance and battery state
  • Advanced view shows also motor current, motor voltage and board temperature
  • Beep the EUC buzzer
  • Horizontal calibration of the wheel
  • Calibration of 3 riding modes: Madden, Comfort and Soft
Alerts on the user smartphone for defined value of velocity, battery level or board temperature

Please read more on the page: EGG app.

Video showing the EGG app: https://youtu.be/PlFdzBimiA4

In alternative, you can also use this Android app (closed source): GotWay3.4.51-English_edition.apk

If you don't have an Android, you can try http://www.memuplay.com/ , requires a PC with Bluetooth.

How to build the EGG electric unicycle

The first stable version of EGG EUC were achieved on Jun 2016.
The motor used is the MicroWorks 500W 30km/h 14" wheel, the board used is the MicroWorks 30B4 and the battery used is a generic electric unicycle pack of 60V. The mechanical parts like the pedals, pedals arms, nuts and bolts, tire and inner tube were all bought from MicroWorks.
The shell were designed using FreeCAD software that is free and OpenSource. The shell were designed to be 3D printed (if you don't have a 3D printer, you can search on your town for an hacker space or such that may provide 3D printing services) and the sources files including the 3D printable files (STL) are available here on github.

After sourcing the parts (see the next part list) you will also need some basic tools like a measuring tape, screwdriver, metal hacksaw, etc.

If you have questions, please post on the forum.

Part list

Component Units Price Unit ($) Link Notes
MicroWorks motor 14 inches 500W 30km/h 1 69 MicroWorks Alibaba Technical information: Motor MicroWorks 500W 30km h
Controller board 30B4 30km/w with bluetooth 1 55 MicroWorks Alibaba Technical information: MicroWorks 30B4 30kmh controller board with bluetooth
Battery Pack 16S 132Wh lithium 2 69 MicroWorks Alibaba Technical information: Battery
Pack of pedals, pedals arms, bolts and nuts 1 35 MicroWorks Alibaba
Pack of hall cable, connecting wire and power switch 1 12.5 MicroWorks Alibaba
Inner tube 14 inches 1 6 MicroWorks Alibaba
Tire 14 inches 1 11 MicroWorks Alibaba
EUC 60V charger 1 11 MicroWorks Alibaba
8mm threaded shafts and 4 nuts 1 ~3 can be found at cheap on local hardware stores
4 metal hose clamps 1 ~4 can be found at cheap on local hardware stores
3D printed parts 1 ~20 the parts can be 3D printed at home or at a local hackerspace or 3D printing shop this files were printed on a RepRap type of Prusa I3 3D printer and the total usage were about 0.8kg
TOTAL $364.5 - -
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