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EGG app

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This app should work with Electric Unicycles that uses the MicroWorks 30B4 controller board. It is OpenSource and the sources are on Github.

You can download the Android app and see screenshots here.

Main features of the app:

  • Shows real time speed, trip distance and battery state
  • Advanced view shows also motor current, motor voltage and board temperature
  • Beep the EUC buzzer
  • Horizontal calibration of the wheel
  • Calibration of 3 riding modes: Madden, Comfort and Soft
  • Alerts on the user smartphone for defined value of velocity, battery level or board temperature
Video showing the EGG app:

For issues and suggestions, please add them here.


There are a few reasons that move us everyday on developing OpenSource technology and knowledge for Electric Unicycles. Our inspiration comes from many successful OpenSource projects like: Wikipedia; Linux; Arduino; RepRap.

We have kids and we want to improve the world for them, the new generations - we really believe in reducing the CO2 emissions for a greener environment.



EGG Electric Unicycle app has a GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 because we believe in OpenSource. Please do not use this app and/or code in products that are closed source or are crippled by a patent.

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