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"short_name": "EGroupware",
"name": "EGroupware",
"category": ["business", "education"],
"description": "EGroupware is an online open-source enterprise software for business use and provides the services by using cutting edge collaboration technologies which allow organisations to collaborate in a secure and function rich environment, supporting integrated project teams across and within organisation boundaries.",
"orientation": "landscape-primary",
"icons": [
"src": "api/templates/default/images/logo_192x192.png",
"type": "image/png",
"sizes": "192x192"
"src": "api/templates/default/images/logo_512x512.png",
"type": "image/png",
"sizes": "512x512"
"start_url": "index.php",
"background_color": "#fafafa",
"display": "standalone",
"scope": "/egroupware",
"theme_color": "#0073ae",
"serviceworker": {
"src": "/service-worker.js"
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