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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Apr 13, 2018 · 1668 commits to master since this release

  • PHP 7.2: fix several PHP Fatal errors and warnings stalling installation and usage
  • Setup: updates from old versions (eg. 1.4 or 1.8) no longer require to update to 14.x and 16.1 first
  • Setup/Restore: restore from a other charsets then utf-8 failed
  • All apps: fixed moving attachments to new entries (without attachments) lost moved file
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fixed not working distribution-lists as groups in Mac addressbook
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fix can NOT create new entries on a minimal (non-compat) install
  • CalDAV/Resources: fix wrong ACL/rights send to clients (PHP warning in log)
  • EMail/sMime: allow non-admin users to upload their keys
  • Versioning: moving or renaming files is done now as copy and delete to keep original file in attic
  • Addressbook: Enable upload buttons of smime/pgp pubkeys if user is allowed to modify them
  • Addressbook: Fix missing 'Add' action for no results
  • Addressbook: Fix send all contact's emails/vcards to compose dialog does not work
  • Calendar: add preference to display birthdays as events as well as holidays
  • Calendar: fix events on weekend were sometimes shown on Friday if weekends were hidden
  • Calendar: fix occasional infinite loop in yearly planner
  • Api: Fix auto-complete password field gets activated even though user hasn't selected it deliberately
  • Mail: Fix mail import does not display imported mail in correct style
  • Notifications: Database update to not loose big messages
  • Notifications: On verbosity of high, alert only if the message is unseen
  • Timesheet: Stop times from advancing 1 hour shortly after DST
  • Sharing/Collabora: fix not working cleanup of temp. files and shares
  • Tracker: Fix tracker opening filemanager in iframe
  • News: use proxy configuration to import news
  • News: fix error storing a (new) category under PHP 7.1+
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