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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Jan 11, 2019 · 1856 commits to master since this release

  • Api: show maintenance release as version-number everywhere
  • Api: truncate varchar for all DB types now, as MariaDB 10.3 also errors on to big content
  • Api/Filemanager/WebDAV: fix SQL error if login error or WebDAV path contains non-ascii chars
  • Calendar/CalDAV: store huge iCal attributes compressed to fix stalled sync of Outlook/Exchange events
  • Calendar/Mail: tell user if an event has been already already deleted when viewing a meeting request
  • Mobile theme: Fix inconsistent styling of submit buttons on login page, when browsing with Safari
  • Filemanager: fix missing empty directory context actions
  • Filemanager: treat GoodSync gsdata directory as hidden / not shown by default
  • Filemanager/EPL/GoodSync: ignore gsdata directory for versioning and subscriptions
  • Mail: implement new preference to configure mail identity label shown as mail folder header
  • Addressbook: add site configuration to disable Last/Next Event column
  • Projectmanager: move format for ID generation from config to settings to allow eg. group-specific IDs
  • Extended changelog:
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