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Basic PHP and MySQL Adjustments

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WikiInstallationPhp and MySQL Adjustments

Following adjustments are only essential configuration for running EGroupware robustly on your selected environment. Lots of improvements possibly can be considered in order to get your instance running with high performance in production.

Php configuration

Step1 :

Start with modifying php.ini of your installed Php. You may find php.ini under /etc/php/{php version}/{apache2 | fpm}/php.ini. Although if you're not sure where your php.ini is located, you may run the following command to find out:
locate php.ini

e.g.: vi /etc/php/7.1/apache2/php.ini


Try to modify following variables in php.ini:

date.timezone = "YOUR TIMEZONE" //e.g. "Europe/Berlin"
max_execution_time 90
memory_limit 128M
session.gc_maxlifetime 14400
upload_max_filesize 64M
post_max_size 65M

upload_max_filesize: determines the size of files users will be able to upload in filemanager or links.

session.gc_maxlifetime: determines the time in seconds of inactivity before a user session will be terminated.

MySQL configuration

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