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Building 19.1 Release

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Instructions how to build a new 19.1 maintenance release

You need a clean 19.1 checkout without any uncommited or unpushed changes!

git clone epl-19.1-checkout
cd epl-19.1-checkout

For an existing checkout you need to run install-cli twice, as first one fails in composer!


Then you start the build, which will run install-cli.php again

doc/rpm-build/checkout-build-archives.php -v
  • it will determine the changelog based on commit messages and allows to modify it
  • it will create a tag 19.1.<YYYYmmdd> (can be changed with --packaging <YYYYmmdd>)
  • at one point it needs the root password to update clamav database to virusscan the build-root
  • pgp will ask the passphrase for key to sign the hashes of the archives
  • at last it will ask the Github token of the user doing the upload (can be changed with --github_user <username>)
  • the creation of the tag on Github will trigger the build of the Docker image egroupware/egroupware:19.1.<YYYYmmdd> on Docker Hub:

After testing the image, it need to be tagged as 19.1 and latest

docker pull egroupware/egroupware:19.1.<YYYYmmdd>
docker tag egroupware/egroupware:19.1.<YYYYmmdd> egroupware/egroupware:19.1
docker push egroupware/egroupware:19.1
docker tag egroupware/egroupware:19.1.<YYYYmmdd> egroupware/egroupware:latest
docker push egroupware/egroupware:latest

Push the changelog to 19.1 branch and merge the commit to master to satisfy the update checker:

cd epl-19.1-checkout
git push
git log # to identify commit hast to merge to master
git checkout master
git pull
git cherry-pick <hash-from-changelog-commit>
git push
git checkout 19.1

Last but not least remove the pre-release tag from 19.1.<YYYYmmdd> release on Github and update first line of

Building the EPL image

cd other/19.1/checkout # use a *different* up-to-date 19.1 checkout
docker pull egroupware/egroupware:19.1.<YYYYmmdd>
cd stylite
docker/ 19.1.<YYYYmmdd>
  • it will pull the above build CE image
  • add epl-functions to it
  • tag it as<YYYYmmdd>, 19.1 and latest and push it to

Build RPM/DEB packages on

This step is not necessary, if there are no changes on the package itself!

You need a checkout of the EGroupware/ repo

git clone

To build a new package you need to

cp /your/19.1/checkout/doc/rpm-build/debian.changes .
# fix the packaging accordingly
for file in egroupware-docker.{spec,dsc}; do sed -i 's/19.1.[0-9]\{8\}/19.1.<YYYYmmdd>/g' $file; done
git rm egroupware-docker-19.1*.tar.gz
tar -czvf egroupware-docker-19.1.<YYYYmmdd>.tar.gz egroupware-docker
osc addremove
osc commit -m 'building 19.1.<YYYYmmdd>'
git add egroupware-docker-19.1.<YYYYmmdd>.tar.gz egroupware-docker.{spec,dsc} debian.changes
git commit -m 'changes for 19.1.<YYYYmmdd>'
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