Release notes 16.1

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What's new in EGroupware 16.1

It contains many improvements AND lot's of bugfixes over the 14.3 release. To name a few:

  • Calendar: complete rewrite of user interface for improved functionality, drag&drop, context menu
  • Mobile: new mobile phone and tablet user interface offering compact display on devices
  • Desktop: new brighter desktop template, lots of work on usability and look & feel
  • Mail/InfoLog: PGP end-to-end encryption using Mailvelope plugin (InfoLog EPL only)
  • eSync: update to Z-Push 2.3 fixing several Android problems and syncs Outlook 2013/6

Installation requirements

  • PHP 5.4 required, PHP 7.0 or 5.6 recommended
  • MariaDB 5.1+ incl. Galera Cluster, 10.1 recommended or
  • MySQL 5.1+, 5.7 recommended or
  • PostgreSQL 9.1+

Installation instructions

Please note / Errata

  • When updating from previous version eSync (Active Sync) profiles have to be deleted on device and recreated (CalDAV/CardDAV is NOT affected)!
  • To speed up PHP you should install an opcode cache like OpCache (or APC for PHP 5.4)
  • EGroupware relies heavily on caching: it does this by default in filesystem, to improve speed you should install APC or APCu PHP extension with at least 128MB memory (apc.shm_size * apc.shm_segments >= 128MB)
  • Updating openSUSE or SLES using "zypper update egroupware-epl" fails to install egroupware-epl-compat package automatic. Either use "zypper update" to update everything, or "zypper install egroupware-epl-compat" to add package manually.
  • New installs no longer contain the following (deprecated) modules by default, thought you can still install them separately via your package manager (or all together via egroupware-epl-compat archive). In-place-updates update them as expected.
  • SiteMgr
  • KnowledgeBase
  • Wiki
  • SambaAdmin (Samba 3 LDAP integration, use ActiveDirectory for Samba4)
  • phpFreeChat (not available with PHP 7.0+)
  • jDots (aka Stylite) template (11.1 default template with iDots look and tabs)
  • old eTemplate 1 app and phpgwapi (new eTemplate2 and current API are in api directory / egroupware-epl-core package)
  • Printing in Calendar with Firefox under Windows does not work due to a bug in Firefox. Currently only workaround is either not using Firefox or Windows.
  • Groups app for long time community users is available in a 16.1 compatible version through the same repo.
  • Updating an existing installation, you want to generate a new via Setup / Headeradmin (lower login), specially if you plan to remove all old apps requiring egroupware-epl-compat package.
  • For updates from versions before 14.3 also refer to release notes of version 14.2
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