Release Notes 17.1

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What's new in EGroupware 17.1

It contains many improvements and lot's of bugfixes over the 16.1 release. To name a few:

  • Collabora: integration of Collabora Libre Office Online allowing to edit office document in browser
  • Collabora: free of charge trial via EGroupware GmbH Collabora server farm
  • All apps: merge print now also opens merged documents in Collabora app
  • All apps: new notification system showing notifications in, by default hidden, sidebar
  • Mail: server-side S/Mime support (does not require browser plugins)
  • Mail: SpamTitian integration: white- and black-listing of addresses, ham/spam marking of mails
  • Mail: improved privacy allowing to not automatic load external images
  • ProjectManager: role-based notifications
  • Admin: new group-list and export of all ACL rights
  • Nginx: support for Debian and Ubuntu packages: apt install nginx php-fpm egroupware-epl

Installation requirements

  • PHP 5.6 required, PHP 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 recommended
  • MariaDB 5.1+ incl. Galera Cluster, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 recommended or
  • MySQL 5.1+, 5.7 recommended or
  • PostgreSQL 9.1+

Installation instructions

Please note / Errata

  • To speed up PHP you should install an opcode cache like OpCache
  • EGroupware relies heavily on caching: it does this by default in filesystem, to improve speed you should install APCu PHP extension with at least 128MB memory (apc.shm_size * apc.shm_segments >= 128MB)
  • Collabora trial (or any other external) Collabora Server requires access to you EGroupware installation! A local installation not accessible from the internet will NOT work with a public Collabora server.
  • Initial 17.1.20171115 package creates pictures migrate from addressbook with owner root and therefore inaccessible by webserver. To fix that run:
chown -R <webserver-user> /var/lib/egroupware # Debian/Ubuntu: www-data, RHEL/CentOS: apache, SUSE: wwwrun
  • New installs no longer contain the following (deprecated) modules by default, thought you can still install them separately via your package manager (or all together via egroupware-epl-compat archive). In-place-updates update them as expected.
  • SiteMgr
  • KnowledgeBase
  • Wiki
  • SambaAdmin (Samba 3 LDAP integration, use ActiveDirectory for Samba4)
  • phpFreeChat (not available with PHP 7.0+)
  • jDots (aka Stylite) template (11.1 default template with iDots look and tabs)
  • old eTemplate 1 app and phpgwapi (new eTemplate2 and current API are in api directory / egroupware-epl-core package)
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