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Using SmallPART with a LMS (Moodle, OpenOLAT, ...)

SmallPART courses can be embedded into a LMS (Learning Management System) like Moodle or OpenOLAT using the LTI standard 1.1 or 1.3.


The registration of smallPART requires a Moodle administrator!

  • Moodle external tool documentation

  • recommended is to use LTI 1.3 which allows to create SmallPART as external tool for the whole Moodle installation

  • for Moodle < 3.10 you have to use the manual registration

  • Moodle 3.10+ support automatic registration using the following URL:

  • you need to replace with your own EGroupware Domain and for EGroupware Cloud hosting use egw instead of egroupware for the path, then click on [Add LTI Advantage]

  • then you need to activate the automatic registration in Moodle by clicking on [Activate]:

you can check the full configuration details in Moodle using the gear icon

  • Activation in EGroupware (Admin > Applications > smallPART > LTI configuration) by unchecking Disabled and [Save]:

  • Now you're ready to add a smallPART course and/or video as an activity to a Moodle course

  • [Select content] allows to interactive select a course and video

  • SmallPART video in Moodle (screenshot is from a teacher with rights to edit courses!)

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