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Get Started

The first step to get started with EGroupware is to checkout the sources and installation on your development environment.

Assuming you have already prepared minimum requirements on your environments to run EGroupware, you may follow below steps:

  1. Go to your docroot. /var/www/

  2. Clone EGroupware sources from github
    git clone

if you have ssh access use git clone instead.

  1. Go to egroupware folder. egroupware

  2. Install composer.phar if you don't have it installed.

  3. Install myrepos (mr). apt install myrepos

see for other distributions.

  1. Add egroupware source path into ~/.mrtrust.

e.g.:vi ~/.mrtrust then add this line:

if you'd like to enable none-default applications, you may modify .mrconfig file located in egroupware root directory. e.g. vi /var/www/egroupware/.mrconfig. Remember you need to run mr up after changing this file.

  1. mr up

  2. Continue installation at http://localhost/egroupware/setup/

  3. Congratulations!!! Now you may login to your EGroupware instance by visiting http://localhost/egroupware/.

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