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R Package to support quality control inspection of an OMOP-CDM instance


The European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN) project has multiple yearly Open Calls for financial support for data partners to map their data to the OMOP-CDM, for more information see the EHDEN website. In addition, EHDEN is training Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Europe to provide services to the data partners to map their data to the OMOP-CDM. A large number of these SMEs are now active all over Europe as shown in the SME Catalogue.

Quality control of the mapping is clearly important and therefore a procedure has been developed called SME Inspection in which a certified SME performs a series of tests on the CDM and produces a report that is send to the EHDEN Team for review. The goal of the inspection report is to provide insight into the completeness, transparency and quality of the performed Extraction Transform, and Load (ETL) process and the readiness of the data partner to be onboarded in the EHDEN and OHDSI data networks and participate in research studies. If the SME that is performing the inspection was not involved in the ETL implementation we advise to use a two-stage inspection process. A first inspection report can be made to provide recommendations to the Data Partner on how to improve the ETL and processes, if necessary. Ideally, this includes a site visit of the SME after providing instructions on the content of the report. The Data Partner can share this draft report with EHDEN to obtain additional input. Once the improvements have been made the final report can be created by the SME and send to EHDEN for approval.

An example of an inspection report for the Synpuf database can be found here: link.

The CdmInspection R Package is part of this SME Inspection procedure and performs the following checks on top of the required Data Quality Dashboard step:


Vocabulary Checks

  1. For all custom mapped vocabularies extract the top 50 codes order by frequency from the source_to_concept map. The SME has to approve these top 50 codes. All custom mappings will be extracted as well as part of the package output. Note if the source_to_concept map is not used in the ETL process this information still has to be provided manually for the inspection.
  2. For each domain generate statistics on the number of unmapped codes and and unmapped records.
  3. For each domain extract the top 25 mapped and unmapped codes (counts are round up to the nearest 100).
  4. Extract the vocabulary table.
  5. Extract the number of rows in all vocabulary tables
  6. Count of concepts per vocabulary by standard, classification and non-standard.
  7. Mapping levels of drugs (Clinical Drug etc.)
  8. Extracts the source_to_concept map

Technical Infrastructure Checks

  1. Execution of short and longer running queries to test the performance of the system. This information is useful for the SME to provide further guidance on optimizing the infrastructure.
  2. Extract the timings of the Achilles queries (Achilles results need to be present in the database)
  3. Checks on the number of CPUs, memory available in R.
  4. Extract the versions of all installed R packages, checks if core HADES packages are installed.
  5. Check if ATLAS is installed and WebAPI is running
  6. Extraction of CDM_Source table

Results Document Generation

Produces a word document in the EHDEN template that contains all the results. This template needs to be completed by the person performing the cdm inspection.


The CdmInspection package is an R package.

System Requirements

Requires R. Some of the packages used by CdmInspection require Java.


  1. See the instructions here for configuring your R environment, including Java.

  2. Make sure RohdsiWebApi is installed

  1. In R, use the following commands to download and install CdmInspection:

User Documentation

You should run the cdmInspection package ideally on the same machine you will perform actual anlyses so we can test its performance.

Make sure that Achilles has run in the results schema you select when calling the cdmInspection function.

PDF versions of the documentation are available:

  • Package manual: Link
  • CodeToRun Example: Link
  • Report Example: Link



This package is maintained by the EHDEN consortium as part of its quality control procedures. Additions are welcome through pull requests. We suggest to first create an issue and discuss with the maintainer before implementing additional functionality.

The roadmap of this tool can be found here


CdmInspection is licensed under Apache License 2.0


CdmInspection is being developed in R Studio.

Development status

Stable Release


  • The European Health Data & Evidence Network has received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 806968. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research
  • We like to thank the contributors of the OHDSI community for their fantastic work


R Package to support quality control inspection of an OMOP-CDM instance







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