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Importing tables from websites into spreadsheets

Sometimes it can be useful to take information from a website, such as document lists from archives, for future reference. If these items are in a table on a webpage you can download an extension to your browser that will allow you to copy the data from the webpage into a spreadsheet. In this example the browser is Chrome. You can find table capture extensions by googling ‘table capture’ and choosing one of the table capture extensions and click ‘Add to Chrome’.

Once table capture is added to Chrome you should find a shortcut to the extension added to your toolbar in the upper righthand side of the screen.

Go to the page from which you wish to capture the information and click on the table capture shortcut button. This will open the extension and will show the tables that have been identified on the page. If you bring your cursor over the different selections, they will be highlighted on the webpage so that you can make sure you are copying the correct data. If you don’t see your table, you can click ‘Select in Page’ and highlight the information.

Once the data has been recognised by the table capture extension you can either copy data to the clipboard and paste into an Excel file, or export the table to Google Sheets.

This can be a useful way of quickly creating a document list to consult in an archive, or for many other research purposes.

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