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Feedback from EIDA users

At EIDA we are trying to improve the communication with our users by providing official channels to report problems or questions. This space will be taken as a first (experimental) approach to see if you feel comfortable reporting and tracking your issues by means of this tool.


Please keep in mind the following guidelines before reporting a problem.

  1. Do a search first in the Issue Tracker to see if someone else already reported the same problem.
  2. Try to use the most reasonable template from the ones we provide in order for us to properly assign a responsible person for your issue.
  3. Take a look at the examples provided here, the documentation at the Orfeus website and in the EIDA Authentication Service to understand how you are suppose to use/access different resources.

EIDA Authentication System / Accessing restricted data

Since March 2019 EIDA has setup a new service which should allow users to be authenticated within different EIDA services. To do this, the user needs to request a token from the following page

Complete instructions can be downloaded from the User documentation. This is still a first draft version, but should be clear enough to work with the system. We kindly request users to read this thoroughly and provide suggestions to improve the documentation. You can enable the function "Track Changes" and return us all your suggestions in the Word file.

Examples of code to access data


In the following example the RoutingClient from Obspy is used to access data from all EIDA. In addition, the parameter credentials is passed with details about the EIDA the token.

It is highly recommended to use always the token with the client. Even if you are requesting open data. That prevents errors like not providing a token due to a misunderstanding about the data being open/restricted. And on the other hand it helps data centres to understand better user needs by means of more detailed statistics.

Warning: Some issues have been detected with Obspy version 1.1.0 and previous

>>> from obspy.clients.fdsn import RoutingClient
>>> from obspy import UTCDateTime

>>> rsClient = RoutingClient("eida-routing", credentials={'EIDA_TOKEN': '/Users/javier/.eidatoken'})
>>> st = rsClient.get_waveforms(network="Z3", channel="HHZ", starttime=UTCDateTime(2016, 3, 1), endtime=UTCDateTime(2016, 3, 1, 0, 2, 0))
>>> print(st)

171 Trace(s) in Stream:

Z3.A022A..HHZ | 2016-03-01 - 2016-03-01T00:02:01.540000Z | 100.0 Hz, 12396 samples

(169 other traces)...

Z3.A216A.00.HHZ | 2016-03-01 - 2016-03-01T00:02:00.000000Z | 100.0 Hz, 12001 samples

In the case that this does not work you can always turn on the debugging at the moment of the client creation

>>> rsClient = RoutingClient("eida-routing", debug=True, credentials= ...)


The fdsnws_fetch is the main command line client provided by the fdsnwsscripts package. On one hand, this client was designed to mantaing backwards compatibility with the old arclink_fetch, so that users can seamlessly switch from Arclink requests to the new web services. But it is also important to mention that this client supports all recent developments from EIDA, including the usage of the EIDA token, and the provision of a proper citation in a paper for the requested data.

$ fdsnws_fetch -vvv -N Z3 -C "HHZ" -s "2016-03-01" -e "2016-03-01T00:02:00" -o data.mseed 
using token in /home/javier/.eidatoken:
{"valid_until": "2019-04-20T12:33:43.663076Z", "cn": "Javier Quinteros", "memberof": "/epos/alparray;/epos;/", "sn": "Quinteros", "issued": "2019-03-21T12:33:43.663083Z", "mail": "", "givenName": "Javier", "expiration": "1m"}

getting routes from
authenticating at
authenticating at
authenticating at
authenticating at
authenticating at

authentication at successful
getting data from
got 516608 bytes (mseed) from

authentication at successful
getting data from
got 90112 bytes (mseed) from 

authentication at successful
getting data from
got 293888 bytes (mseed) from

authentication at successful
getting data from
got 950272 bytes (mseed) from

authentication at successful
getting data from
got 105472 bytes (mseed) from


This repository is meant to collect feedback from EIDA users by means of its Issue Tracker






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