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A flash-card script in python.
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This script allows for the creation and usage of flash cards. Flashcards display a question on one side and an answer on the other. Often used for studying and memorization.


Following the instruction of the program, load an existing or create a new deck of flash cards. After this just view the questions and think about the answers, then press enter and check if you remembered correctly. The cards come out randomly.


For .hack, choose ~3 ToDo's and implement the functionality. Do this by making a clone on your own computer, make the changes, commit the changes and then push the changes to this repository.

Feel free to change function signatures, create new function, fix errors, documentation etc. . But try not to change the general structure too much, the idea is afterall just to try out git. :)

For anyone interested, feel free to fork this repository and complete the script as you see fit.

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