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The enhanced OAI server is a Java Servlet web application that implements the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) v2.0. It is based on OAICat and the Biblio Transformation Engine. More than the flexibility it allows with BTE (custom filter and modifiers), it allows the administrator to define metadata mappings using XSLTs and that way to support easily more metadata formats.

How to use the library

The enhanced OAI server uses the apache maven tool for building and dependency resolution.

Getting the jar from the central maven repository

Include in the dependencies section of the pom.xml of your project the following:


Building from source

Clone this git repository (, and use maven install to add the enhanced OAI server in your local maven repository:

git clone
cd EnhancedOAIServer
mvn package
mvn install


Since the project uses Apache Maven the dependencies are handled automatically, so probably you will not need to concern yourself with them, but they are recorded here for reference.

This project should be compiled with Java version 1.7

  • OAICat v1.5.48
  • Spring framework v4.0.1-RELEASE
  • BTE-core v0.9.3.4
  • dom4j v1.6.1
  • jaxen v1.1.1


See the file ./LICENSE.txt

Change log

  • version 0.1.1
    • Update dependency on version of BTE
  • version 0.1.0
    • Initial code publication
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