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from import EvalDataset
from torchlite.torch.models.srpgan import Generator
from torchlite.torch.learner import Learner
from torchlite.torch.learner.cores import ClassifierCore
from torchlite.torch.train_callbacks import ModelSaverCallback
import os
import torchvision.transforms as transforms
from import DataLoader
def srpgan_eval(images, generator_file, upscale_factor, use_cuda, num_workers=os.cpu_count()):
Turn a list of images to super resolution and returns them
num_workers (int): Number of processors to use
use_cuda (bool): Whether or not to use the GPU
upscale_factor (int): Either 2, 4 or 8
images (list): List of Pillow images
generator_file (file): The generator saved model file
list: A list of SR images
netG = Generator(upscale_factor)
learner = Learner(ClassifierCore(netG, None, None), use_cuda=use_cuda)
ModelSaverCallback.restore_model_from_file(netG, generator_file, load_with_cpu=not use_cuda)
eval_ds = EvalDataset(images)
# One batch at a time as the pictures may differ in size
eval_dl = DataLoader(eval_ds, 1, shuffle=False, num_workers=num_workers)
images_pred = []
predictions = learner.predict(eval_dl, flatten_predictions=False)
tfs = transforms.Compose([
for pred in predictions:
pred = pred.view(pred.size()[1:]) # Remove batch size == 1
return images_pred