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@@ -4,6 +4,14 @@ This project is an open-source menubar clock and calendar for the [UNIX / Julian
system. It is implemented as an `NSMenuExtra`, and the source code may interest those of you attempting to build
your own `MenuExtra`s for OS X.
You can download a compiled copy of `` from the GitHub downloads section:
Once you’ve downloaded (or compiled, see below) a copy of ``, and activated MenuCracker (see
below), you only need to double-click the `.menu` file to install ``.
### MenuCracker
To use this, you first need to apply MenuCracker to your `SystemUIServer`. This can be downloaded from their
SourceForge here: <>
@@ -13,8 +21,7 @@ To install, simply mount the DMG and double-click ``. That will
Future versions of `` will do this for you; this is a temporary measure.
### Compilation
To build `` for yourself, you’ll need to procure the `NSMenuExtra` headers. I can’t distribute
these with the project, as I’m unsure of the legal status of headers derived from Apple’s proprietary binaries.
This, however, is not difficult.

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